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Helter Skelter EPA Smoke School, LSU Chinese Bandit, EPA Method 9, Visible Emissions Opacity Training and Certification by Whitlow Enterprises LLC, Commanded by Col. George Artie Whitlow (Uncle Earl), US Air Force Bioenvironmental Engineering- Retired, and Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality-Retired. Col. Whitlow has a B S Degree from LSU in Environmental Engineering and Social Studies. Whitlow was an LSU Chinese Bandit, Defensive Nose Tackle No: 72. The Smoke Commander has conducted EHS inspections in 5 states and 2 foreign countries. The commander has conducted semi-annual smoke school since 1984 in 100 locations in 23 states for well over 5,000 satisfied customers. The other smoke schools are just crooks after your money. I have decided to blow the whistle on them in a confidential letter to President Donald Trump, because he hates the EPA Swine almost as much as I do.


I just give up. Helter Skelter Whitlow Enterprises EPA Smoke School is now officially temporarily out of order, until I hear from Donald Trump. I have been fighting tooth and nail for 16 years, since September 1, 2001 (911) with EPA and their favorite son ETA where ETA and EPA split $450 million in 16 years and Whitlow gets $6 million. And now my former employees, the crooks, David Hudson Opacidair Smoke School, David Wallace, and Jason Bennet ECS Smoke School, have taken most of my $6 million. In 6 weeks I will consider new smoke schools for those who expess a desire to have on close by where you are located. This will be a limited selection based upon who sends an email to my personal email address which is gawwhitlow@yahoo.com .

Please send an email to smokeschool@yahoo.com to join in on the massive worldwide class action lawsuit. Please include your name, email address, mailing address, phone number, dead person, cause of death, date of death, date of illness and so forth. Global warming is created by hot asphalt parking lots and roads, not air pollution. The President should force by executive order, Al Gore and his EPA friends to pay for our medical care and to resurface our paved roads and parking lots in much cooler concrete. I have also requested the President for executive orders for creating Helter Skelter as the only smoke school in America and to require all federal and state EHS inspectors to attend 6 weeks of formal training on how to conduct an inspection.


The Good Lord created earth with a mixture of hardwood and softwood forests, which have been clear cut for 30 years, since the timber companies purchased most of the land from Texas to Jacksonville for pennies on the dollar, during the great depression. The President should issue an executive order for immanent domain and require the timber companies to create state forests for replanting the mixture of hardwood and softwood, that will clean the pollution out of our nation. These planted pine tree forests go from seedling to the saw mill in 10 years. Helter Skelter is the name of a Helter Skelter is a Beatles song played in 1967. It was a song about a roller coaster. Watch them sing on UTUBE.