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40 CFR Part 63 Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants

Whitlow Enterprises LLC EPA Smoke School Visible Emissions- Who we are:

Whitlow is by far the most experienced smoke school provider in the world. The Whitlow team boasts over 40 years combined experience as smoke school providers either as Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality LDEQ state employees or as a commercial company. Our employees have a combined 40 or more years experience as Louisiana DEQ environmental managers and inspectors. We have 2 prominent retired Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality LDEQ employees on staff. We have issued more than 20,000 EPA Method 9 and EPA Method 22 certificates in over 100 biannual locations in over 23 states. We are the opacity experts. When you come to Whitlow Smoke School you learn what Inspectors know. You learn what you need to know.


Whitlow Enterprises has been conducting smoke school since September 2001. We are a family owned and operated small business based in West Monroe, Louisiana. We conduct national EPA Method 9 and 22 opacity certification in accordance with 40 CFR 60 Appendix A Visible Emissions Evaluation. Although we are national in scope, we are down home friendly in nature. We are audited by the EPA and several state environmental departments. We train and certify many state and federal environmental employees as well as thousands of employees from hundreds of industrial plants across the nation. We teach you what you need to know about compliance with state and federal regulations concerning opacity evaluation. We teach you how to maintain compliance with your state and federal permits, including Title V. You can attend one of our open enrollment smoke schools on our schedule or we can come to your plant, state, or your local area.

We strive for customer service. We are members of Better Business Bureau, U. S. Chamber of Commerce, Monroe Louisiana West Ouachita Parish Chamber of Commerce and an American Disabled Veterans small business.

I am Uncle George Whitlow the president and founder of Whitlow Enterprises. I was born and raised just across the beautiful Ouachita River in Monroe, where I grew up telling stories at campfires either deer hunting or fishing. I have been involved in training programs most of my life. I coached Little League Baseball for more than 20 years. I was heavily involved in training during my United States Air Force career from 1969 till 1983. I am retired from the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality where I served as an air quality inspector and conducted smoke school from 1984 to my retirement in 2001. I grew up listening to great American storytellers like Dizzy Dean Baseball Game of the Week and Jerry Clower from Route 4, Liberty Mississippi in Amite County. I owe a lot of what I am to my momma, my daddy , Dizzy Dean and Jerry Clower who have made me one of America’s best and least know storytellers. I am a published Louisiana Author. I wrote Blue Bayou Days- the Summer of 61 a novel about my childhood.


I have always loved conducting smoke school and I strive to use these storytelling experiences to help take the stress out of smoke school.

I would love to introduce you to our crew. The Whitlow Staff