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Once a month, usually the first working day of the month, We send out an email to all of our customers and wannabe customers. The subject of the email will be the abbreviations of the states we will conduct smoke school during the next 2 months. The email will be from Whitlow EPA Smoke School. The email will appear in your email box, but it will not be addressed to you. It will be addressed to the first person on your list. The names of who actually received the email will not appear in the email. This is called BCC and it prevents the spread of internet viruses. Some smart fellow taught me that.  I myself am more like Forrest Gump- Stooped is Stooped does.

The primary purpose of this email is to remind you when you are due. You are due smoke school every 6 months. If you read opacity at the plant and your certificate is not dated within six months, your opacity reading in not valid. The other purpose is to publish some of my stories about where I been a going and what I been a doing. I guess I am a amateur storyteller and a writer. Actually I do have a novel published. Blue Bayou Days- The Summer of 61/ a novel by Uncle George It is about JFK, Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Dizzy Dean, and Pee Wee Reese. It is about Little League Baseball, and hunting and fishing on a Louisiana Bayou. It is based on actual events in my life when I was 11 years old.  It is a lot like Forrest Gump and Norman Rockwell combined.

The other way we try to remind you of when you are due, is to provide you with a pre-registration form when you attend one of our smoke schools. This form is in a plane white wrapper plain white paper. It has a place for the date and location. Complete this first line. Then address it to yourself in the address box provided. Turn it in with your test paper when you finish the school. About 4 months later we will put a stamp on the form and mail it to you. Complete the names of the people who are coming to the next school and mail or fax it back to us. Again our primary method of informing you when you are due is monthly emails.

If you are receiving these monthly emails, then you are good to go. If you are not receiving these monthly emails then click here to be added to the email list. This email will include your email address, and a subject add me to the email list. In the text area, please type in your name, company name, work phone number, company mailing address, and the name of the town and state where you want to take smoke school. Welcome aboard, glad to have you. Uncle George

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