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Whitlow Smoke School

Will Whitlow consider conducting a compliance audit of our visible emissions permit requirements?


Yes we will. Contact us by phone, fax or email and request an audit for visible emissions. Then fax us a copy of sections of your permit that contains tables and opacity levels. Just search for the words opacity and visible emissions. The fee will be $100 an hour per employee for office work and plant work plus travel expenses. We are also available for expert witness if you need one.  


Includes the following:

Guarantee/ Liability:

All that I can guarantee is that we can review your work in hopes that your federal inspector or state inspector will not document an opacity violation. Each inspector is different and has different things that they look for. Since I am not observing the inspector then I can not be certain beyond a doubt that the inspector is following correct fundamentals of opacity evaluation. You should conduct joint opacity evaluations with your inspector and insure that they are following correct fundamentals. You are welcome to make suggestions during these joint readings. If you get a violation then you should contact your inspector, their supervisor, and Whitlow Enterprises. We are available for expert witness.


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