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My cancer is back- A story from the heart of Uncle George Smoke School and Visible Emissions

Greetings form Uncle George. It is good to see that you took the time from your busy schedule to read this letter. I will be seeing most of you again real soon and I am looking forward to it. You and the good lord have presented me with one of the greatest opportunities a man could ever dream of. Here is a sincere thank-you all for your support. Thanks also to Catherine, my lovely bride, Heather, my beautiful daughter, and to Hope and the rest of my loyal and caring staff. I only wish I had the faith and the guts to start this business 20 years ago. Faith like a mustard seed. This is the best country where a country boy from a Louisiana Bayou can grow up from being the son of a cop and a college dropout to owning and managing one of the fastest growing environmental consulting companies in the world. I am truly grateful and flattered that you chose to do business with us.

We are looking for 2 sales reps to work independently. They can work form their home. We are looking for one salesperson to travel and work in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi. We need another salesperson to work in Indiana, Kentucky, and surrounding states. The candidates should have some knowledge of industrial plants with smokestacks or dusty environments. Familiarization with environmental programs is a plus. We will supply leads. The sales reps will need reliable transportation, a land line phone with unlimited long distance, a cell phone with free roaming and unlimited long distance. They will also need a laptop computer. I will pay them a base salary plus commission. The potential is unlimited, especially in Louisiana where the state no longer conducts free smoke schools. The candidate should read our entire web page www.smokeschool.net  and then send me a resume by email smokeschool@yahoo.com or by fax 812-254-5046. Then they should call me on my cell phone at 812-617-0344.

I want a sales rep with a proven track record that indicates he or she can turn this business into the million-dollar bracket It is just a goal that I have had since the beginning. I want to leave this world knowing that Heather will have a better life than I did. I am fully aware of her love for makeup, jewelry, and Wal-Mart. Catherine and I adopted this little Cherokee and Breaux Bridge Louisiana Cajun baby one Christmas season 14 years ago when she was one-day old. She has brought me so much love, joy and happiness beyond all of my expectations. Thank you Lord, that was one heck of a lasting Christmas present.

Now for the personal stuff, just when things were going so good, I learned that my cancer is back. I have another small tumor in my bladder sitting on top of my prostrate gland. Smoking caused this cancer. These 3 packs of Winston a day, since I was 17-years old. I am lucky enough to have grown up in a world with several heroes including Dizzy Dean, PeeWee Reese, Mickey Mantle, Roger Marris, JFK, Elvis, and the great Duke, John Wayne. I wrote a novel on napkins at the Union 76 Truck Stop in Lafayette Louisiana about 15 years ago. The novel, Blue Bayou Days- the Summer of 61 is based on my life when I was 11-years-old growing up playing baseball, hunting, fishing, and chasing love. It is a Forrest Gump type novel and you will meet personally all of my heroes. They all came to Blue Bayou. And you will be there where the catfish play. You can purchase a copy from that link above. Bring it to smoke school and I will autograph it for you.

I remember it like it was yesterday, when the Duke tried to warn us about lung cancer and smoking. He died just a couple months after that and I sure do miss him. I have found myself copying his walk, his dress, and his style of throwing away a cigarette butt. And to be honest I have tried to copy his personality from time to time. He was the great John Wayne and I guess the closest we have to replacing him is Tom Hanks, Forrest Gump himself. My momma always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know just what you gonna get. Let this be a warning, if you smoke, you will get cancer. Yet, I still just canít seem to quit.

If you are going to get cancer, the place to get it is in the bladder. They can easily scrape it out and catch it before it spreads. They then put some sort of chemotherapy into the bladder through a tube through the place where the sun donít shine. The trouble is, if you donít quit smoking, the chemicals in the cigarettes lie overnight inside the bladder and the cancer comes back time and time again.

I am going to do my best to make it to all of the schools in Louisiana, Arkansas, Maryland, and Mississippi. But I will have to miss some due to the surgery and chemotherapy. I will be flying back and forth for the next month or two. I wish I could see all of you because I really do love you. I honestly do. I love what I am doing and I love being with you. It reminds me so much of when I was growing up hunting at the camp on Glasscock Island near Vidalia, Louisiana deep in the woods along the mighty muddy Mississippi River. It reminds me of the campfire conversations, the penny anti poker games, and all the deep friendships and love of my fellow Americans. Well thatís about all I have to say about that.

I took this picture while standing on the pier on my mother's back porch on Woolen Lake near Hebert Louisiana. The picture reminds me of the great Roy Orbison hit song Blue Bayou. I put the picture on the cover of my novel Blue Bayou Days- The summer of 61.  I lived on Woolen Lake twice in my life. I spent so many lazy summer afternoons here fishing for the catfish playing and the bass that weighed 20 pounds. The crappie, white perch, or Saco late weighed a pound and a half each. There was one nest to every cypress tree. They fought like the dickens.  Woolen Lake has changed very little since I was a little boy some 57 years ago. This is Blue Bayou.

I feel so bad Iíve got a worried mind
Iím so lonesome all the time
Since I left my baby behind on blue bayou

Saving nickels, saving dimes, working ítill the sun donít shine
Looking forward to happier times on blue bayou
Iím going back some day come what may to blue bayou
Where you sleep all day and the catfish play on blue bayou

All those fishing boats with their sails afloat if I could only see
That familiar sunrise through sleepy eyes, how happy Iíd be

Go to see my baby again
And to be with some of my friends
Maybe Iíd be happy then on blue bayou

Iím going back some day, gonna stay on blue bayou
Where the folks are fine and the world is mine on blue bayou
Oh, that girl of mine by my side the silver moon and the evening tide
Oh, some sweet day gonna take away this hurtiní inside
Iíll never be blue, my dreams come true on blue bayou

Music and words from the great Roy Orbison

When I wrote my novel, I was influenced by this song. The song reminds me of Woolen Lake and of home. When I created smoke school, I have always wanted to make you feel at home on Blue Bayou. It is such a wonderful place. You will love it.


Let me finish up here with some news from the lighter side. Borrowing the tune from Lynard Skinnard southern Rock and Roll tune and Larry The Cable Guy.

I cant pee

I cant pee

Cause my Prostrate Done Quit on me

Well, that's about all I want to say about that.

My momma always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are gonna get. Click here to listen to Forrest Gump.    Listen TO Forest Gump Box of Chocolates

If this story touched your heart and you would like to read other stories about the life and times of Uncle George AKA Butch Whitlow and my life on the road again. then click this link. http://smokeschool.net/stories.htm

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