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Certification Status

When am I due smoke school?

EPA Smoke School Certificates are valid for 6 months. After each smoke school at any location, we post the date of the next smoke school at that location on our schedule.  Please put the test scheduled date on your calendar. Bookmark add the schedule to your favorites, and check our schedule often. You can register at any time for any school on the schedule.

During each smoke school certification test at field site locations we pass out a solid white pre-registration form for your next smoke school.  Please make sure that you fill out the form. Put the date and location on top of the form and enter your company name, your name,  fax number, and company mailing address in the address box. Do not put anything else on the form at this time. Turn in this form when you finish your smoke school before you leave.


Four months later we will fax or mail your pre-registration form back to you. When you get this pre-registration form, please finish completing the form by entering the names of the employees that you plan to send to the next school location and fax or mail it back to us. Then you will be registered.


Monthly, we send out emails to all of our customers who provide us with email addresses. We send out emails BCC, which means your name may not appear in the TO: section of the email. This prevents others from copying our email addresses to use for spam. It helps keep you from receiving junk mail.  Most of the time our emails end up in your inbox. I realize you get a lot of email. I hate junk mail too. Just check the From: section of your email and open all emails from Whitlow Enterprises. On several occasions some of our emails end up in your bulk mail. You should check your bulk mail and open all emails from Whitlow Enterprises.

The subject: of our emails is usually the states where we will be conducting smoke school the next 60 days. I often include interesting or humorous family stories or stories about one of our smoke schools.  I just can't help it, I am a published Louisiana author and I have always been a storyteller. You can read the stories on smoke school stories and family stories, Most people say they enjoy the stories. If you don't like the stories, just scroll down to the bottom of the email to the schedule. The schedule will be links that will take you directly to the details about that particular smoke school location on the web site. From this site, you can get the driving directions, agenda, suggested hotels. If you are not getting these emails every thirty days, then click here to be added to our email list.

You can check your status at any time by email , calling us at 318-361-2355 or faxing a status request to 318-327-3199. Please include the approximate date of your last school, the location of your last school, the best phone number to contact you, and the best time to call.

In some cases, I am able to determine your due date, even if you attended another provider's smoke school. You should include the other smoke school provider company, your full name, and the last 4 numbers of your social security number. We are here to help. We are here to serve you. Give us a call any time. Thanks for your support.

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