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What are the requirements for smoke school visible emissions opacity certification?


Whitlow Enterprises Certifications state that you met the requirements of EPA Method 9 as specified in 40 CFR 60 Appendix A .   These certificates are valid for 6 months after the certification date. The certification date is the day you took the smoke school certification test.

To be certified in Method 9, you have to pass a run of 50 smoke  readings of random smoke opacity levels of zero to 100% in 5% increments.   A run consists of 25 white smoke readings and 25 black smoke readings that are recorded consecutively.

Here are the rules:

No reading my be off by more than 15%

white smoke-- an average error rate of 7.5% for 25 plumes

black smoke-- an average error rate of 7.5% for 25 plumes

I will cover the details of what is required before each test. Essentially, you can not miss even one of the 50 readings by more than  15%.   After each test each attendee shall turn in the original copy (yellow sheet) of the carbon-less test paper. Then you will grade the white copy of the test to see if you passed. Make sure that you avoid cheating. Double check to see that the arithmetic was correct.  Please throw away the duplicate copy of the test if the test does not meet the conditions described above.

We will take the test again until everyone passes. Please do not leave until you pass the test. I have been conducting smoke school for over 30 years now. I am aware of the stress associated with your previous smoke school provider. We are not your previous provider. We want you to pass. So be patient and bring a positive attitude. You will pass the test.


Turn in the test paper if you meet the above conditions.  Please make sure to turn in both copies of the test if you passed.  Whitlow Enterprises will grade the original copy of the test. We After you pass the certification requirements Whitlow will mail your paper certificates and wallet certificates to your plant contact person within 3 to 5 weeks of your certification date- even if your invoice has not been paid. Please contact us of you have not received your certificates. Contact us if you need your certificates faxed sooner for inspection purposes.

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