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The Whitlow Christmas 2007


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Angie, Aaron, Heather, Kita- the grandbaby, and I had a lovely Christmas up there in Indiana. We are glad to be back home here in West Monroe Louisiana. We booked out of Indiana on the day of the first snow fall. The temperature was supposed to hit 9 degrees before daylight. I am allergic to snow and cold weather. However the cold followed us down here to the bayou. It was 25 when we spent the night in Memphis and when we got to West Monroe, it was 29. Sometimes you can run but you cannot hide.

I guess Aaron, age 12, was the most excited because he got a Wii. I got at least 5 coats.  In fact now I have so many coats that I need another closet. It was most pleasurable for me to  Kita.

My heart hurt so horrible that Heather and the baby chose not to move here to Louisiana. I miss them terribly.

Angie and I did baby-sit 3 nights. Kita is 6 months old. I hate to admit it but I let Angie wake up to feed the baby and change all of the diapers. I am also allergic to poop. It seems that I am also allergic to live Christmas trees. This was a fact the Aaron, age 12 discovered. He is a straight A student here at Pine Crest School, the redneck school out here in the country. I hate to admit it but I never made an A in my life. I was more of a straight F student. I remember going through a belt-line at Neville High School across the Ouachita River from here. I went through a belt-line of 32 football players to change an F in math to a D so I would not flunk off the football team. I hate to admit it but that was a fact Jack. I guess I was allergic to school books- I never read any. Ever. I would rather daydream about hunting or fishing or playing baseball. I guess that is why I ended up in the Environmental Field. If I had my wishes, then I would have pitched for the New York Yankees. I wanted that dream so bad, that I actually wrote a novel where the dream came true. I actually had the novel published and you can purchase it here Blue Bayou Days- the Summer of 61. Sometimes we have a few copies of the book that you can win for making the best score. If you buy the book, bring it to smoke school and I will gladly sign it.

I really am allergic to Christmas trees. At first we had the tree here in the living room next to the fireplace. A couple of days later my lips were swollen up like Bubba in Forrest Gump. “You better tuck that lip in or you will trip on it. “ My momma always used to say "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know just what you are going to get." I have myself saying this Gump trivia on my cell phone voice mail. Call 812-617-0344.


I had both lips as fat as a pig. Then I got the hives, looked like I had the chicken pox or something. The VA clinic had just changed some of my medication for diabetes, cholesterol, and high blood pressure. I take more dang pills than Carter has liver pills. Angie and I have a New Years resolution all over again- to go on a diet and start walking for exercise. I may take up Aarons Wii. I saw in CNN where some hospitals are using the Nintendo Wii for shadow boxing and physical therapy. I think tomorrow I will do some walking across the road and take my 357 or my 30-06 and chase a deer. The season closes January 20 and I have only been one time.


I really am allergic to Christmas trees. I thought it was the medication so I temporarily stopped taking it. The symptoms persisted. Aaron said it was the Christmas tree, so I hit the internet. I learned that some people are allergic to the mold in Christmas trees. They described the symptoms and I had them all. I took the tree outside in the sun room and the symptoms cleared up the next day. Aaron wants to be a lawyer but I think he should be a doctor- what do you think?


We spent the holidays with Angie’s daddy, Joe in Vincennes Indiana. He is 78 and he is really caring and interesting person. He won 2 purple hearts in Korea where he was a medic. After the war he returned to the family corn farm in Illinois. After many years he gave up farming when Angie found him a job as a an orderly in Good Samaritan Hospital in Vincennes Indiana. He has been working there for 20 years now and he is still working. He is a fine fellow so if you are in Vincennes look up Joe Funk. You can usually find him there in the VFW Hall.


We spent New Years ever at the VFW Hall for free food and drinks. We had to leave early though because I had what seemed like a gallbladder attack. So we went back to Joe’s house on the duck pond and went to bed very early. We did wake up for a New Years Eve kiss and to watch the ball drop in New York City on CNN.


Well it is good to be back home on the bayou here in 2008. It is good to be alive and almost well. Next week Angie and I are headed to Los Angeles to receive refresher training for being smoke school providers. I expect to hear soon if we got the contract for conducting state smoke schools for state employees in New York. I also expect to find out when TCEQ will let us back into Texas. I fully expect us to be conducting smoke schools in Texas by the end of February. I will keep you posted. Thank you for listening to this live update on the life and times of the Whitlow crew.

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