Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree, by Angela Whitlow December 1, 2011

I hope this email gives you a laugh!

On the day before Thanksgiving we had an employee lunch with a nice dinner including home baked Cajun Turkey, ham, oyster dressing (my Mom's receipe), homemade noodles with white chicken, mashed potatoes, 2 kinds of gravy, corn, cornbread dressing, cranberry sauce, rolls, and pies: pumpkin, pecan and apple. We decided to put up the Christmas decorations since all the employees were here. They found the office tree, put it up and decorated it with no problems. When it came time to put up our home tree no one could find it! I happened to have other children over, which is normal practice for our home. One of these friends, Kaleb, said "Did you know you have an artificial tree decorated and planted in your front yard?" I said, "Noooooo".

I told Kaleb, maybe, we had better look at that tree. We walked up the driveway and I looked at it. Yes, it was an artificial tree and it was fiber-optic. Hmmm, I wondered if possibly the office had my tree and this was theirs. I checked the office and they had the smaller tree, that they should have. I went back to the front yard and decided that my home Christmas tree was planted in the ground.......a fiberoptic tree planted with big light bulbs all over it. No wonder, they could not find it!

I was not very happy! How crazy could this be?

I had employees clean up my tree and remove all the mud from it and search for the bottom of the tree. They looked and looked and could not find the bottom of the tree. At the end of the day George said he was going to buy another tree. I told him I want to help him look. We went to 3 stores and finally agreed on a tree, bought it and brought it home.

The next day was Thanksgiving and I had cooked another ham for additional guests, that I was not informed of until late Wednesday evening. We were sitting at the table enjoying another meal, when George all of a sudden realized where the bottom of our Christmas tree was. After dinner, he went to the barn and found the bottom and I could start decorating our tree. I never did find all of my ornaments......maybe next year, I hope. We took the new tree back to the store where George got a refund and bought much more!

I have had so many Christmas tree misfortunes in my life, I think I could write a small book just about Christmas trees!

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!



Angela M. Whitlow