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Will Whitlow Enterprises consider a contract to conduct smoke school for my state or federal environmental agency?

Advantages if Choosing Whitlow for your state contract smoke school provider:

 Re: Whitlow Enterprises wants to be your Smoke School EPA Visible Emissions Training Provider


Good morning, this is Uncle George Whitlow, president of Whitlow Enterprises and we would love to be your smoke school provider. Please take a moment from your busy schedule to look at our web site www.smokeschool.net and our brochure (request a brochure), and give us a call or email us for more information.


During the nation’s current economic crises, your Governor and tax payers are asking you to cut your budget. You could save significant funds by eliminating 3-day smoke schools conducted by your employees or by other smoke school providers. We would take care of all of the essential elements of smoke school: equipment replacement, repair, maintenance, quality control and calibration, school announcements, training your employees, visible emissions testing, grading papers, and issuing certificates. When you add in the expenses associated with travel time and preparations multiplied by the number of employees required to conduct and/ or attend smoke school, this would be a very significant savings. We would set up schools in the locations of your choice.


Most of our schools are 1 day schools (2 days if needed depending on the number of people attending each location). Our schools are shorter than other providers because we give precise instructions, and we set up the field observation conditions for optimal opacity evaluation, including adding a contrasting background on cloudy days, shelter from rain, sun, and snow, above normal calibrations and zero opacity checks to insure accuracy, and focusing the certification test on zero to fifty percent. Most permits allow an average opacity of 20% and many allow zero opacity or up to 5%. We also use a simpler fill in the blank answer sheets that eliminates confusion. We also use existing electrical outlets which eliminates background noise and confusion caused by electrical generators. These operating parameters and our free lunch help take the stress out of testing.


Our training empathizes the critical fundamentals of using opacity to evaluate visible emissions that I learned as a Louisiana DEQ inspector and smoke school provider since 1984. We take the confusion out of difficult situations such as observing steam plumes, contrasting backgrounds on cloudy days, and keeping the sun to your back when the winds are coming from the sun direction. Failure to follow basic fundamentals often leads to reading the opacity too high, false violations, and embarrassment to your department. We were recently involved in a court case where the judge threw the inspector’s case out of court, after determining that the inspector did not follow correct procedures in evaluating a steam plume. The attorney for the defense attended our smoke school and the inspector attended another smoke school provider’s training.


Since 2002 we have trained all of the Arkansas DEQ Air Quality staff. Arkansas DEQ does not have a contract with us for smoke school. When I was a boy, my daddy asked me to do something, and he taught me that I should do it and do it correctly within a reasonable amount of time. He also taught me the consequences of not doing it and he rewarded me for doing it correctly. That quarter for mowing the yard came in handy when I wanted to spend the day  at a movie. My daddy and John Wayne taught me that a man is only as good as his word.

Daddy was a cop and a coach

That is right Pilgrim, now you got True Grit.

We do not require Arkansas DEQ to send us referrals. Even though our bread and butter comes from our Industrial plants, they are free to choose their provider of their choice. We also train many county, city, state, and federal environmental agencies as well as industrial plants in over 90 locations mostly east of the Mississippi River. We are making plans this year to cover the rest of the nation. We would be very happy to add you to our growing list of satisfied customers.


Please email us or contact us if you want us to conduct visible emissions training for your agency. I will consider any requests to take over smoke school visible emissions certification for your local, state or federal environmental agency. If your smoke school equipment is broken down beyond repair, or if you do not have funding for equipment, personnel, and other areas to conduct smoke school, then we can take over the training for you. If you are fed up with the complaint letters, phone calls, and emails about your present smoke school provider, then we will be happy to provide you some refreshing relief. The truth is most people love our smoke school, because we love smoke school. We believe you can conduct smoke school to meet the requirements of 40 CFR 60 and you can provide excellent customer service with a smile.

I yam what I yam. What you see is what you get. I fell in love with conducting smoke school back when I first started in 1984. From the very beginning my boss at LDEQ received telephone calls from his regulated industries about how much they loved smoke school and how much they learned. I have been in the commercial business of smoke school since 2001. Our customers often contact their state agencies to brag on our training. They call and send me email all of the time. Some examples of what people say about our smoke school training. If you choose a smoke school provider who does not provide customer service, then you are damaging the reputation of your department. Your provider always represents your department, weather you like it or not- that is the truth.

You also need to choose a provider who follows EPA standards and whose training will stand up in court. Whitlow Enterprises Smoke School EPA Method 9 and 22 visible emissions opacity certification programs follow EPA guidelines in accordance with 40 CFR 60 Appendix A. Whitlow smoke schools have been tested by court.


I WANT YOU to come to smoke school.







The Whitlow team includes 4 retired Louisiana DEQ employees and other very qualified team members dedicated to routine maintenance, quality control, and customer service. With over 100 years combined experience in environmental protection and smoke school we are the experts. We choose locations with your comfort in mind. Each location has a convenient classroom, clean restrooms, a shelter form sun and rain, and a contrasting background for reading smoke. We serve you free hot coffee, fresh donuts, cold bottled water, sodas, and a great lunch at each location.  We desire to make you feel at home. We calibrate our equipment electronically and visually with the human eye before, during, and after each smoke school. We check the zero drift before and during each test run. If the zero is off, everything is off. We take our time giving the test, so you can keep up. We give precise instructions on how to take the test. If you pay close attention and bring a positive attitude, you will pass sooner than later. If you are having difficulty understanding what to do prior to the actual test, please ask for assistance. We are prepared to stay at each location until you certify to become a smoke reader. Remember, patience and attitude are everything. Be prepared. The first test run each day will take a little longer because we take the time to teach you how to take the test. Additional test runs will be quicker. Historically, most people pass by the third run because of our exceptional teaching skills. If necessary, we will retest until dark.

We would love for you to try Whitlow Smoke School and see the difference. If you have previously registered for, and paid for another upcoming smoke school by another provider, then send in a copy of your receipt along with your registration and you can attend your first Whitlow Smoke School free. What a deal!

We always provide hot coffee, fresh donuts, ice cold water, soft drinks, and great tasting lunches at each location. If you prefer a certain type of food please let us know before the school and we will try to accommodate your tastes.

Initially, we will choose smoke school dates compatible with previous smoke school providers. Eventually, we will provide additional dates in the hope of milder weather.

Welcome to Whitlow Smoke School and welcome to customer service. We are a Disabled Veteran owned and family operated small business and we are a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Please pass all of this information to your employees. Thanks for coming.

Lets go Pilgrim,

we are burning up daylight.                            



Uncle G Artie Whitlow
My Novel A Smoke School Prize worth keeping. 



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