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Stories that will make you laugh and cry- from Uncle George- an old hippie

Crossett Arkansas Ghost Light March 28, 2008 from George Artie Whitlow (age 59)

Are they ghosts from the past or little green men in flying saucers? Yet another smoke school story from the warped mind of Uncle George.


Early this morning from midnight to about 2 AM my wife Angie, my son Aaron (age 12), and I were just outside of Crossett Arkansas about ½ mile west of The Crossett Municipal Airport, 936 Highway 52 West.


From the town of Crossett we drove past the Airport and took the first blacktop road to the right moving to the south. We quickly passed the colorful field landing lights of the airport, then a house or some building on your left and a crossroad. Eventually the blacktop played out and we were now driving down the straightest gravel road that I have ever seen. This is called a tram and it was the path of a Union Pacific Railroad. I have been an avid deer hunter as long as I could walk and I have seen thousands of gravel roads. I estimate that we traveled about 4 miles maybe 6 from Highway 52 across at least 1 gravel road. We came to a junction of another gravel road, and then stopped the van, turned around, pulled to the side of the road and parked. Therefore we would be facing north. We turned out the lights, opened the door and got out. We leaned on the hood of the van and waited for the Crossett light.


We noticed it was nearly a full moon, the stars were brilliant; the night was perfectly quiet and still. We stood there about 30 minutes when the light appeared along the left side of the road about 2 miles away. At first it appeared to be moving toward us about waist high, which would match the stories that I had heard about the ghost toting the lantern back around 1963 when I was 15.   The folklore was about an elderly black gentleman lying on the railroad and being run over by the Union Pacific Railroad Red Ball Express. Many believe this light is the man walking holding a lantern looking for his head. Others believe he is waving a warning that a train is coming.


I personally do not believe in ghosts, except possibly the Ghost Busters and the Holy Ghost. I have been on several ghost hunting expeditions, lately because my son Aaron is interested in them. Several times we have taken the ghost tour at the most haunted house in America- the Myrtles Plantation in St Francesville north of Baton Rouge. I did get scared enough to jump, but it was a trick that one of the tour guides played on me by tapping on the outside window next to me. That trick was a payback for the last time that I took the tour and could not resist the temptation to secretly use the dimmer switch next to me when the tour guide was standing at the antique dinning room set telling a ghost story. I scared her so bad she screamed and lost her breath. She paid me back. I nearly had a cardiac arrest.


We did take a ghost tour in Hot Springs Arkansas. It sort of turned me off when the person that owned the ghost tour asked me if I knew anyone who could rig up some sort of electrical effects what would look like a ghost. But this Crossett ghost is different.


Back in the early 1960s when I was at Neville High School in Monroe Louisiana, many of my friends drove to Crossett to see the light. What they actually did was go there- park, neck and kiss, maybe more. Back then gasoline cost a lot of money- 30 cents a gallon. I never had much more than 3 bucks at a time to spare. And the truth is that I was too doggone ugly and fat to have a girlfriend.  I had to pay 5 bucks to an ugly girl from another school so I would have a date to the senior prom. I got drunk on Jack Daniels, and woke up in the front seat of my momma’s 1961 blue Chevrolet Station Wagon parked on the curve in the front yard on Spencer Ave in Monroe. It turned out that my rent a blind date, left the prom with Don Coker, the person that introduced me to her. When my daddy got into the station wagon the next morning to leave for work, he found the blind date’s panties hanging from the gear shift knob. I caught hell that day and I did not even do anything wrong, except get drunk. I did not get the other pleasures of life for another 6 years.


I was too ugly, too fat, too poor, and too shy for dating, so I spent most of my weekend nights in depression singing songs like It’s another Saturday night and I ain’t got nobody. Consequently I never drove to Crossett to see the light.


A few years ago, I took Heather, my teenage daughter out to the old tram to see the light after one of our smoke school sessions in Crossett. The tradition of parking, necking, and drinking beer still exists. There were several high school kids out there, their cars were bouncing around in the dark, or they were sitting on the hoods of their trucks drinking beer. So Heather and I leaned up against the hood of the truck and I had a beer with the kids and waited for the light.


And then there it was as plain as day. The old tram is as straight as an arrow and I saw the light about 5 miles away. It appeared, then vanished, then reappeared again. The last time it appeared, it turned out to be the lights of a pickup truck and it nearly ran over me as I was standing in the road in shock in the dark when the truck topped the hill. I felt exactly like the deer.


During this latest Crossett trip with Aaron and Angie, I fully expected to see the same thing- a car light from a long distance away growing brighter as the car got closer. I really did not expect to see even the car light because it was a school night and it was after midnight. So my plan was to go out there, wait about 30 minutes for the light, and then drive back to El Dorado to get some sleep before the next smoke school at 8 in the morning. We have to be at the school site at 7 to get all of the electronics warmed up and calibrated before each school.


That is what I expected but we got a lot more. After about 30 minutes, the light appeared on the left side of the road. Looking back, I think whatever made the light was intelligent and had the ability to read our minds or hear our conversation from a long distance. When the light first appeared, it was about 2 miles down the road. It appeared seconds after I told Aaron that we needed to go back to the hotel to get some sleep. I had my hand on the door latch when the light showed up.


At first the light appeared on the left side if the road and moved toward us. Even now, I expected the light to be another pickup truck like the last time I was there. So I turned on our parking lights and make sure we were out of the road and the doors were shut. The light continued to move toward us for about 3 minutes and then started rotating in small circles about 3 feet in diameter. Then to my amazement the light moved from the left side if the road near ground level diagonally toward the right side of the road treetop high. Then it went back to ground level on the left side of the road. The light put on a show for about 10 minutes and vanished.


As I watched the light moving towards us, at first I thought about the times that I have seen a coon hunter walking through the woods at night with a carbide headlamp. At these times you can only see the light weaving as the hunter walks along the trail. The coon hunter would train his carbide light on the treetops to see the coon's eyes glowing in the dark. I also thought maybe the light came from some kids playing tricks on us. I kept these thoughts in mind when we finally headed back up the tram towards the blacktop road. However we did not pass any people or vehicles when we came back down the road.



Meanwhile, the light appeared several times during the next hour or so, putting on the same show. Every single time we touched the door to get into the van to go back to the hotel, the light came on.


Finally we got back in the truck and started driving back north towards the black top road. We had only the parking lights on as we drove down the gravel road during the full moon. After about a half a mile, the light appeared again about 2 miles in front of us. It put on the same show rotating and climbing to the treetops. As we drove the light continued to stay at least 2 miles ahead of us. At one point I sped up and managed to get within a half a mile from the light. When I did the light vanished in thin air.


As we watched the light, we became more and more convinced that the light was generated by very intelligent life and quite possibly of a space alien source. Aaron and I discussed this and we both concluded that is was definitely paranormal. Since the light flew from the bottom left of the road towards the treetops on the right, we both concluded that the light was a Unidentified Flying Object.


There was one thing significant about the light that I could not put my finger on until several weeks later when Angie and I shared a room over looking the gulf coast beach in Gulf Shores Alabama. We observed several people walking down the beach at night with either strong flashlights or spot lights. These beach lights resembled the Crossett Ghost Light with one remarkable exception. You could see the beach walker's light reflecting off the ground which in this case was white sand. You can also see vehicle headlights reflecting off the highway in front of the vehicle. Although the Crossett light was about waist high most of the time, there was absolutely no light reflected off the gravel road in front of the light. I think this is remarkable and phenomenal.


I continue to be amazed and mystified by the light. I did some research on the internet. We had 28 people at the El Dorado smoke school the next day. I told them about the Crossett light and asked if any of them had seen it. Twenty of the 28 people there had seen the light before.


Several ghost lights have been documented in America and most of these sightings are in Dixie. It is true that the climate in winter is milder in Dixie and that we are more likely to be out in the April night drinking stuff from shiny cans and barking at the full moon. In fact I did have 2 mixed drinks of Jack Daniels and coke in the hotel room before we left El Dorado. I do drink and I do like the taste of good whisky, but I never like to get drunk, especially when I am driving. Besides Aaron is 12 and he was not drinking.


In most reports of sightings that I read on the internet the lights imitate what we saw that night in Crossett, especially the evasive activity. Many people support the ghost theory. Scientists have evaluated the sightings. Many people are like me and support the theory of extraterrestrial aliens from another planet activity. 


In the Air Force in 1975 I witnessed a group of 3 UFOs from 50 miles out over the sky of Clinton Oklahoma. I was an air operations flight crew dispatcher at Altus AFB Oklahoma. I provided pilots with weather and flight information and provided assistance with flight plans and communications between the control tower and air route traffic control out of Dallas Texas. During the night shift, I also answered the hot line phone for the base commander.


The phone call about 3 UFOs flying over a terrified resident of Clinton came in about midnight. That part of Oklahoma is flat with very few trees. I walked outside and could easily see the UFOs making orbital flights about 50 miles away. I called the control tower and air route traffic control. The control tower personnel had been watching the UFOs for several minutes. The UFOs were on both radar screens. We all checked with all civilian and military airports in the area and nobody had any planes or helicopters in the air in the area. I asked the control tower what I should put in my log book for the commander. They did some research through Air Force regulations at the time and stated that the official USAF policy was that UFOs do not exist.


There was a time when I was camping deer hunting on Caster Creek outside of Columbia Louisiana. A bright light over the tent and a whirring sound awoke me. I stepped out of the tent and the space ship was hovering just 30 feet above me. A ramp came down from the flying saucer and three little green men about the same size as pigmies from New Guinea came down the ramp. They walked past me and ignored me. It was good because I was frozen and could not move. The little green men started searching for something. They were looking everywhere, under papers, under leaves, and under river rocks. To my amazement they spoke English with a southern drawl. One of them asked, “What are we looking for, Pete?”

Pete said, “Little bitty green women.”

Ok you got me, that was a joke, but the Air Force thing and the Crossett light is not a joke, it happened. There were several other UFO sightings on our log book during this time. I have also read of several UFO sightings in Oklahoma during this time frame. Scientists have evaluated the ghost light sightings across America. Many believe the lights are caused by aliens.


I personally believe that the Crossett ghost lights are routinely made by a colony of aliens living in the area for over a hundred years. I believe that the old tram is so long and straight, and the right away is so well maintained around it that the tram shows up on satellite and is therefore used as a marker to aliens. I believe that these aliens have teen-age children who get bored sitting around the campfire, drink too much Jack Daniels, and then decide to have some fun with the humans. I think they enjoy reading our minds and playing tricks on us. “Hey, there is a human, lets stroke up the old spot light and scare them.”


I believe that the little green men had to leave their planet because they destroyed it either with nuclear weapons or with the current type of environmental problems we are having on our planet. I believe that these aliens live with us and can be invisible. I think they can assume human form and shop at Wal-Mart. If you can’t find it at Wal-Mart then you don’t really need it. And that my friend is the way it is.


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