Once upon a time Boudreaux went to the bank to borrow some cash to buy a new fishing boat. The Banker Mr. Dugas sat at his desk and looked at Boudreaux’s credit report and said, “Sorry Boudreaux but I just can’t lend you the money today, your credit is too bad.” Boudreaux begged. Dugas said, “There is only one way that I can lend you the money. You will have to take me fishing with you to that secret place you have baited on Bayou Pigeon.”

So Boudreaux reluctantly agreed and he took Dugas fishing. Pretty soon Dugas stood up in the boat because he had to pee. He leaned over and fell in the bayou. He forgot to tell Boudreaux that he could not swim. Dugas fell in the lake and drounded.

The game wardens and the High Sheriff came out and drug the bayou and could not find Dugas.  Then the sheriff came up to Boudreaux and said, “You the one who brung him fishing and kilt him. You the one who’s gonna tell MRS Dugas that her husband done drounded.”

Boudreaux stuttered and said, “Yo-you do- don’t un- under-stand. When I get excited, I can- can’t talk. I stutter too much.”

“You the one who brung him fishing and you the one who kilt him. You the one who gonna tell her, even if you have to pull the Mel Tillis on her.”

Well Boudreaux had no choice. He parked in the Dugas driveway for a long time and drank a shot of courage. Then he got out of the truck and knocked on the door. Mrs. Dugas answered and Boudreaux cleared his throat and stuttered, Y- your hus- husband- awe- oh.

Guess who drowned in the lake to day Du GAS Du GAS. “

It ain't over until the fat cat sings

smoke school stories and family stories

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smoke school stories and family stories

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