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Now hiring Whitlow Environmental Health and Safety EHS Smoke School

Whitlow Enterprises Environmental Health Services Smoke School is expanding and we are now accepting resumes for officially part time employees for teams to work in the Midwest and northeastern part of the United States. Husband and wife or father and son teams are welcome. Being retired is a plus. We need team members who are free and willing to travel extensively sometimes up to 2 week trips at a time. Officially these are part time positions, but during the busy season (March through April and September through October) you may be working 60 hours or more a week, including travel time. See Whitlow Smoke School schedule for details. At least one team member must have 2 years’ experience in Environmental Health and Safety either as a State or Federal EPA regulator or as an EHS Coordinator for an industrial company. They must have some basic experience in maintenance and electrical repair. They must be capable of lifting some bulky relatively heavy equipment. They must be able to read and comprehend EPA regulations and permits. Most important, they must be people loving people eager to serve the public. They must have some classroom experience. The successful candidate must have a clean criminal record and no drunk driving convictions. They should not have excessive traffic tickets that would drive up our insurance. All employees will share the driving and must obtain a Class D Chauffeurs driving license in accordance with DOTD regulations. Texting and cell phone use while driving Whitlow vehicles is not tolerated. I am a Disabled Vietnam Veteran and I would love to hire a brother or sister veteran. Thank you for your services.

The starting salary will match your individual qualifications. Whitlow pays all travel expenses. I believe in rewarding hard workers with adequate pay raises. Some of our senior employees make in excess of $60,000 per year. Presently we do not have any other benefits, other than Job Security. I am seriously considering profit sharing. That depends on how well you do your job and bring in new customers. We are considering Obama Care for small business. We will reward you for any new company customers you bring in. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Once you have established your track record, we intend to move our northern USA regional home location to your town. It would be a great plus if you lived in a rural area and had a barn to park our new state of the art smoke machine out of the weather. Please email your resumes to You may call the office 318-361-2355 if you have any questions.


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