Whitlow Smoke School Fees:

Presented by the Smoke Commander

We are Whitlow- The Cadillac of Smoke School


Hey! This is your Smoke Commander in your ear. Can you see me with all of this camouflage on? Let me take a quick break from the duck blind to tell you a story. Now we cooking with peanut oil and speaking Duckanese. I got a good case of the depression recession blues. Now the Democrats they blame it on the GOP. The GOP says uh-uh buddy, don't blame it on me. Times are tough!  The entire world is struggling with severe economic crises.  I feel it, you feel it, and we all feel it every single time we buy ammunition if we can find any. We all feel it when we gas up or buy groceries down at the Walmart.  I remember when gas was 30 cents a gallon, a loaf of bread cost a nickel, and you could buy a shiny red Chevy pickup truck for $500.  That is not the case anymore!  Everything has Cadillac prices!  Back in the good ole days if you drove a Cadillac, then you had the best that money could buy.  Just like my 1988 Cadillac Brougham, Whitlow Smoke School is the best that money can buy.  We are the Cadillac of smoke school! Hey Buddy, can you spare a dime?


Others know that we are the best and they try to copy us and imitate what we do.  The facts are that we are the choice for customer service.  They don’t bring you a positive attitude.  They don’t bring you donuts and coffee.  They could care less about the weather conditions you test in.  They don’t keep you hydrated.  They don’t cook lunch for you.  All they want is your hard earned money. You get what you pay for.  If you want that Cadillac, then you may have to pay extra for it.  Just remember this:  You are not paying just for a certificate.  You are paying for environmental experts to prepare you for inspections and assist you if you have a violation that may put you on CNN and in a court of law.



Fees for Whitlow Smoke School Nation

Notice: All payments are due by the date of your smoke school. Unpaid fees are considered past due, 15 days after the date of the school.

                                 After 15 days = 5% fee

                                 After 30 days= 10% fee

                                After 45 days= 25% fee 


Classroom Only:  $125 per person:  The EPA recommends the classroom for all first timers and a refresher every three years.  You will earn and receive a classroom certificate.  No other smoke school provider issues classroom certificates.

Field Test Only:  $250 per person:  This is an EPA Method 9 opacity field-training and certification test.  You will earn and receive an EPA Method 9 certificate which is valid nationwide for six months.  I was an environmental inspector the Louisiana DEQ, and I know that it is important for you to present your certificates when the inspector is at the gate.  You will receive your certificate via mail within three weeks of the testing date.

Classroom/Field Testing:  $375 per person:  This combines both classroom and field trainings.  You will receive two certificates—one for classroom and one for field.

Nighttime Field Testing:  $250 per person:  The EPA does not require nor recommend nighttime certification, however, some companies require it.  We offer nighttime training at our home locations, West Monroe, Louisiana and Odon, Indiana.

Federal, State and Local Government Agencies:  Fee is negotiable

Family Members of Attendees:  FREE to IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBERS (This does not apply to family members requiring certification for job requirements) Please state you are a family member upon registration

College Students:  $25 per person:   Full time college students will be given field and classroom training at this price (Please state that you are a college student upon registration)

Unemployed:  $25 per person:  Attendees who are unemployed will be given field and classroom training at this price (Please state that you are unemployed upon registration)

Additional Fees:

Whining, griping, and moaning - $25

Answers to questions- $5

Correct Answers- $10

Answers that require thought- $15 and 95 cents (inflation)

Pure dumb looks- Still free



Multiple Attendee Discounts:  Whitlow Smoke School has morning and afternoon sessions at each location to accommodate all of your employees needing Method 9 training.  Please specify morning or afternoon session upon registration.  If you send:

        5 attendees or more:  5% discount

        10 attendees or more:  10% discount

        20 attendees or more:  20% discount


First Time Discount:  If your company is new to Whitlow Smoke School, then you will receive a 10% discount.  We want you to give Whitlow a try.  The people who try us, love us.  We know what good customer service means!  At Whitlow most people pass the Method 9 certification test before lunch.  We grade all test papers on site and you will be absolutely certain that you passed before leaving.  If not, we will continue the testing until everyone passes.  In the rare even that you have to leave before you pass, then you can attend any of our other locations on our schedule at no additional charge.  If you have registered at one of our competitors, we will honor your payment.  Just send us a copy of your paid receipt with your registration.

Refer a Friend:  We have an active marketing department, Adair, Jennifer and Pete.  In addition, we are asking you, our customers, to refer a friend.  For every new customer that attends our school, you can earn a $10 reduction in your next smoke school fee, or we will send you a check for each new person that attends.  These are hard times and every penny helps. Your family and friends can use this refer a friend to earn some spending money. Upon registration, your friend will need to let us know and we will be happy to give you $10!


New customers who receive a Whitlow marketing call and attend will earn a $10 fee reduction per person registered.  Please make the referral known upon registration. 

New customers who register at any of the conferences we attend will earn a $10 fee reduction per person for taking the time to register at the conference.  Please make this known upon registration.





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