Whitlow smoke school news and schedule 

The schedule for February and March are posted at the end of this email. You can register for any school on the schedule by clicking the links below or by phone. Call us we are standing by at 318-361-2355. You may also just simply click reply to this email. Click here for the full schedule for the next 6 months. What's your hurry? Relax, reach over there and get a nice cold RC Cola out of the ice chest and a moon pie. Have a seat in that rocking chair up here by me on the front porch and listen to the ducks on the pond and the turkeys gobbling on the  hill. How you been.? It is so good to see you. You are a sight for sore eyes. You looking really good. Sit down. I got a story to tell you, if you have the time.  

Howdy Partner from Big George- Big Bad George. It has been a quiet week in Lake Whitlowbegone our home town. Deer hunting season is just about over and I did not do all that good. I did see that thurdy point buck but I forgot to bring my gun, so he just looked at me and yawned. He was so marvelous, so wonderful, created by God just for Outdoor Magazine. His horns were larger than our Christmas tree and he was 12 foot long and 20 feet high. Most of the deer were coming out at midnight. The game warden said it was ok to hunt at night as long as you don’t get caught. I gave up, packed up my deer stands and went home. We have been getting a lot of rain. We were doing a smoke school in Dallas and even they got about a 3 day rain. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights and the sewer backed up.  

I have been thinking that I ought to take the boat out and catch some perch. Maybe take Annie the million dollar bird dog out and hunt dem Duck which fly around in bunches all day long. Maybe I go pick up some beagles and start rabbit hunting. Maybe just sit around on the porch like an old hound dog and take a nap.

Sweet Angie is not all that happy with me. A month or so ago we passed an old beat up rusty 54 Dodge picking up truck and I stopped and brought it. OH! She was hot. She said you found another hole for dumping money into. Well, as usual she was right. I found a local redneck with a paint booth and now the 54 Dodge is LSU Purple and Gold- Although I almost painted it red and white after LSU forgot to show up for the Super Bowl. Well she sure is pretty with all that chrome and the LSU stickers all over. I might take a picture of her and let Les Miles put it in the football program. Can’t wait until next year. The engine runs like a top and is so quiet. I bet she gets 30 miles a gallon, a lot better that 11 like my new Chevy truck gets. I need to put in some of those rolled and pleated purple and gold seat covers. Then comes the problem with the registration. I bet the title will weighs 900 pounds. I got it one piece at a time and it did not cost me a dime.  

Well my health- Thanks for asking. I’m doing a lot better than I deserve. There is still no sign of cancer returning, thank the Lord. It is time for some checkups on the eyes, prostrate, colon, and bladder. Takes me a week just to call for all of the appointments. Doctor Dollar has a sign that says only 3 complaints per office visit. He asks me how I am doing. I think he should tell me, he is the doctor. Dock I have the falling hands syndrome. I raise my hands to the top of my bald head and say this hurts. Down to my neck- this hurts. Lowering my hands on down the shoulders, back, hips, legs and feet. It does hurt to get old- just learn to live with it. It feels better that when someone plowed into me on the football field or stepped on my knuckles with those spikes. Fifty years later and I still see the scars.  I am doing better than I deserve considering that I smoke too much, eat too much, drink Crown Royal too much, and don’t get enough beauty rest. When I was a kid daddy let me drink milk, water, Royal Crown, and Delaware Punch. How would you like a nice Delaware Punch? I still drink an occasional Royal Crown these days.

Earlier this month Sweet Angie and I were doing a smoke school on the North Shore of New Orleans. My concentration ain’t been too good lately- getting old. Angie woke up that morning in the Log Cabin complaining that I had not been paying attention to her. I was groggy and said, Lisa, would I do that to you. She replied that her name was not Lisa and we had been married 7 years. So I decided to make it up to her. We went downtown and had a really nice relaxing massage, a manicure, and a pedicure. Then I took her to La Provence French Restaurant for a nice supper and some cocktails. I ate snails for the first time. They were not all that bad and tasted like squid.

Our son Aaron is doing very well in school. All A’s except for a B in ROTC because one day he forgot to wear the uniform. I guess he don’t realize how proud I am of him. My oldest Daughter Erin is moving in with us. She has been living in Indiana. We are looking forward to that. I just might even to get to spend some time with my 2 grandsons. That will be nice.

I think I am going to have to find some time during our coming up busy season to attend New Orleans Jazz Fest to see Bruce Sprinting, Tom Petty, and the Beach Boys. Mardi Gras is just around the corner, but I think I stay home and catch the local parades. I really do not like crowds. Must be 10 million people but I ain’t got no friends. Aaron has been begging to go spend the night at the Myrtles Plantation, the most haunted house in America. It has the ghostes with the mostest.  

Angie and I are looking forward to setting up our smoke machine in a booth by the refreshment stand on May 1-2, 2012 at The TCEQ Environmental Trade Fair and Conference in Austin Texas. You should think about attending as it will be the largest in the country and it will be a blast. Come see. We will follow the conference up with the Austin Texas Smoke School.

I was reminiscing on Facebook about a very funny story that I writ about Angie catching my finger with a fish hook. Click here to read it.

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Well that is the news from Lake Whitlowbegone where all the men are good looking, the women are strong, and all the children are above average. Be well. Do good work. Stay in touch.


 Schedule for Feb and March

February 1-2, 2012- Houston Texas (WM LA C1)  

  February 3, 2012- Ashland Kentucky (O IN C2) 

  February 6-7, 2012- Maysville Kentucky (O IN C2) 

  February 6-7, 2012- Corpus Christi Texas (WM LA C1)

 February 9-10, 2012- Bloomington Indiana (O IN C2) 

 February 13, 2012- Private Smoke School Petersburg Virginia (O IN C2) 

 February 13, 2012- West Monroe Louisiana at our house (WM LA C1)

 February 14, 2012- Richmond Virginia (O IN C2) 

 February 15, 2012- Martinsville Virginia (O IN C2) 

 February 17, 2012- Wheeling West Virginia (O IN C2) 

  February 21, 2012- Louisville Kentucky Alternate (O IN C2) 

 February 22, 2012- Gainesville Florida (WM LA C1)

  February 23, 2012- Odon Indiana (O IN C2)

  February 24, 2012- Private Smoke School Burkeville Alabama  (WM LA C1)

  March 1, 2012- West Monroe Louisiana at our house (WM LA C1)

 March 2, 2012- Alexandria Louisiana (WM LA C1) 

 March 5, 2012- El Dorado Arkansas (WM LA C1) 

 March 5, 2012- Grand Rivers Calvert City Kentucky (O IN C2) 

 March 6, 2012- Osceola  Arkansas (O IN C2)

 March 6-7, 2012- Shreveport Louisiana (WM LA C1) 

 March 8, 2012- Texarkana Arkansas (WM LA C1) 

 March 8, 2012- Oglesby Illinois (O IN C2) 

 March 9, 2012- Hot Springs Arkansas (WM LA C1) 

 March 9, 2012- Private Smoke School Pittsboro Indiana (O IN C2) 

 March 12, 2012- Private Smoke School Whiting Indiana (O IN C2) 

 March 12-13, 2012- Little Rock Arkansas (WM LA C1) 

 March 14, 2012- Private Smoke School Ozark Arkansas (WM LA C1)

 March 15, 2012- Fort Smith Arkansas (WM LA C1) 

 March 15, 2012- Eau Claire Wisconsin (O IN C2) 

 March 16, 2012- Green Bay Wisconsin (O IN C2) 

 March 19-20, 2012- Baton Rouge Louisiana (WM LA C1) 

 March 20-30, 2012- Spring Break- book your hotels now 
 March 21, 2012- New Orleans Destrehan Louisiana (WM LA C1)

  March 22, 2012- Private Smoke School Mathews Louisiana (WM LA C1)  

 March 22, 2012- Burnside Kentucky (O IN C2) 

  March 23, 2012- Franklin Louisiana (WM LA C1) 

  March 23, 2012- Pikeville Kentucky (O IN C2) 

 March 26, 2012- Private Smoke School Sullivan Indiana (O IN C2)

 March 26, 2012- Pas Christian Mississippi (WM LA C1) 

 March 28, 2012- Greenup Ashland Kentucky (O IN C2) 

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