Your help for engineering project, Suicidal deer, cops- smoke school schedule

Whitlow smoke school schedule until June is posted at the end of this email. You may register by clicking on the link below, replying to this email, or by phone. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think. We have had some requests to expand with new locations in Lubbock and Amarillo. I always listen to the advice from my friends and customers. Miss Johnnie always use to say the customer is always right. Here we go.  Please take the liberty to suggest any location in any state. Please tell your friends about us and especially about these new locations. Link to us on your Face Book, My Space, Your Space, Twitt R. Tell your classmates and friends from other companies. Tell your state environmental department Talk to your dog about us.

May 13-14, 2013 Lubbock Texas (WM LA C1)

 May 16-17-2013 Amarillo  Texas (WM LA C1)

I made the mistake of canceling these previously and I will not cancel any more schools come hell or high water. If the good Lord is willing and the creek don't rise. That is true both physically and metaphysically, Jack. Quack Quack.

We just finished up our school in Baytown Texas. I am just so grateful and thankful to you and the Lord. It never seems to amaze me how it all comes together so easy. We update the schedule about 7 months in advance, reserve the parks, and send out the reminders. Like the coming of spring and fall, you show up with your happy faces. Then we issue your certificates and start all over again. Seeing you there and watching you enjoy our company makes me feel so proud of us. It is so good to see all of you. Next week Sweet Angie and I plan on taking a vacation with Indiana friends who adopted 5 children. We will be sharing their beach house in Destin Florida. That should be fun.

Your help in an engineering project: Ok all of you engineers and equivalent thinking people, put your thinking hat on. We like to use a man made contrasting background for reading white smoke whenever we have white clouds for a background. We are the only smoke school provider to attempt this. Superman cannot see white smoke with white clouds for a background. Ray Charles could not see it. Other companies say let them take an educated guess at the opacity. I say B S. If you attended Crew One schools based in West Monroe, have seen us asking for your help in mounting our pipe supports for a background. This usually ends up with Dave having to stand balanced on a box which is not that save in windy conditions. There has to be some sort of ideal out there for a bracket, flag pole design or something to support a background made of of a tarp or some sort of plastic or fiberglass. Think of something and call 318-361-2355 or email .

I have been fooling around in my head with a promotional thing to help you refer some friends. It is not the money. It is the game. My great friend Tom Rose who taught my LDEQ Smoke School Classroom for 17 years and founded ETA Smoke School ,  told me that when he got us beat in Texas. "It is nothing personal. I like you. You are a good friend. It is the game and I am better than you." Well Tom passed on to the happy game room in the sky, but I am still in the game competing with his company and a few others who are bidding for you to attend their school. This, is how my momma, Miss Johnnie raised me. You know that Miss Johnnie had that junk store, Nu-2-U, the country club of Caldwell Parish. "Treat every one they way you want them to treat you." This is why we build you a contrasting background so you can see white smoke in the white clouds. This is why we cook something good for you to eat. This is why we bring hot coffee, doughnuts, bottled water and Coca-Cola. Daddy used to ask what kind of coke do you want. This is why we find parks with picnic shelters. I want to be the bestest, numeral one - not number 2 or 6. I need you advice and help to get to the top. There is victory in Jesus.

Well we have had a refer a friend in place for several years and I am thinking not many of you are using it. I have been toying around with instead of a discount, maybe a gift card for you. Maybe a Duck Dynasty online gift card for both you and for your friend when they register. How do that sound? Let me know.

I wrote a story about how the suicidal deer assaulted my car. Read more. I updated the web page. The smart choice of smoke school for smart people looking for the best training the fastest. 29 years’ experience doing it right the first time. EPA trained and audited. If we ain't the best smoke school in the world, then Pilgrim, There AIN'T a cow in Texas. Training and certification for visible emissions evaluation of smoke and dust according to EPA Method 9 and 22- 40 CFR 60. I have been paying our smoke school dues since 1984 and we have earned the spot here at the top. In 2012 we issued 4,411 EPA Method 9 Smoke School Certificates. In most cases we offer 1/2 day training and certification because we take the time to do it right the first time. Thanks to all of you, we are growing with the goal of being nationwide. We are well on the way. Since September 2001 we have grown form 2 locations in Louisiana to 101 locations in 21 states. Read more.

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