Gumbo Whitlow Smoke School Catering and Disabled Vietnam Vet EHS Gov. Contracts based here in West Monroe Louisiana. We cook Blue Runner Gumbo at all smoke schools in 100 locations in 21 states where we generate white and black smoke to certify government inspectors and industrial plant environmental personnel on EPA Reference Test Method 9, the visible determination of the opacity of smoke and dust that is airborne into the atmosphere form smokestacks and bag houses and such. Everyone has to be certified every 6 months. People in New York City have told me that we make the best Gumbo in the world. Real Cajuns form Ville Platte down in South Louisiana tell me we make the best Gumbo in the entire world and Cajuns are known for cooking the great slow cooked 4 hour gumbo. Whitlow buys the gumbo base right out of a can and they call it Blue Runner. All you have to add is maybe chicken, shrimp, and sausage. We are expanding to other states and we do open enrollment schools or private on site schools. Please come pass a good time. Now you can order great Louisiana Cajun Gumbo right from your computer.…

Now we cooking with peanut oil. Hello my name is TSGT George Artie Whitlow and I am the undisputed Smoke Commander, been there, done that, and took a few pictures of it, the whole 9 yards of it. I am the founder and CEO of Whitlow Enterprises Smoke School and EHS Training, Consulting, and Gumbo Catering based here in West Monroe Louisiana, the home of the Duck Commander. Phil Robertson and Uncle Si are my neighbors from just down the road out here in the woods along the beautiful banks of the Ouachita River, and we are all 3 very much alike, identical carbon copies. We have strong very unusual faith in a living God, the Lord Jesus Christ. We say exactly just what we think, which does not always turn out to be all that good. Sometimes we wish we cold eat our words. We are avid hunters, marksmen, and long haired hippie freak rednecks. Phil and I played football against each other in the 1960s, when he was the quarterback for West Monroe Rebels and I was the nose tackle for Neville, the eye of the tiger. Like Uncle Si, I am officially a disabled Vietnam War Veteran and I served for 13 years in the US Air Force as a Bioenvironmental Engineer and I am retired from Louisiana DEQ (LDEQ) where I served as an air quality inspector and I conducted smoke school, EPA Method 9, visible opacity evaluation of smoke and dust emitted into the atmosphere from stationary sources such as smokestacks, bag houses for grain elevators, and chemical plants, and fugitive emissions sources such is, smoking flares, road dust, conveyer belts, blowing dust piles, and other sources that are not captured by an air quality control device. Routinely EPA has established a limit of 20% opacity over a 6 minute average. Some sources are limited by their Title V permit to 5% or less. I retired from Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) in September 2001 to establish Whitlow Enterprises. Weather I knew it or not, God was hunting guiding my foot path. Hind sight is 20/20, ain't it?

Back in early 2001, when I retired I was single handedly conducting 2 LDEQ smoke schools a year for 500 attendees, who were the first to learn about the EPA Title V Air Quality Operating Permit. We were the trail blazers. After my retirement from LDEQ, I started with 2 smoke schools in Baton Rouge and Lake Charles and now, because of word of mouth about our vast bank of professional experience, and our excellent home family based customer service and catering with Louisiana Cajun Blue Runner Gumbo at all smoke schools from Oregon to New York City, we have blossomed into over 100 semiannual smoke school locations in 22 states. Our goal is to conduct smoke schools in all 50 states.  Please help us obtain this fine goal by linking to this web page on your Facebook page. Please help us get the word out, because our competitors have turned smoke school into a 3 day night mare with extremely hard and very difficult testing procedures, when Ray Charles can read 20% opacity blind folded.

We are interested in obtaining a state wide contract with your state environmental department for sole source smoke school for your environmental department and their regulated companies under the authority of United States Presidential Executive Order 13360. Please share this information by inserting a link to this web page on your environmental department Facebook page. You will be proud and bragging on how well we represent your environmental department. We have 2 retired LDEQ air quality inspectors on our staff and we are also interested in establishing a sole source economical contract to train all of your federal and state environmental inspectors and their regulated companies for more efficiency and credibility. You will no longer have to depend on on-job-the-job training. If your supervisor learns it wrong, then guess what, you learn it wrong and this is very embarrassing for your proud company and your local environmental department. Trust me, as a young ambitious buck I made more than my share of mistakes while conducting environmental inspections for the military and the State of Louisiana. Relying solely on OJT is a very bad and very costly mistake for all parties concerned. This very simple nationwide mistake eats up your pocket book and destroys company reputations on the global stock market. Call us if you are issued any environmental notice of violation (NOV) because we are on your side. Then call your lawyer. In most cases it will be easy to erase the damage and it will be worth the negative publicity.

As our nationwide expansion develops we would be interested in hiring any of your retired employees to help us reach our goals. They can live at home and work part time for Whitlow Enterprises. We are seeking new employees now. Email us your fine resume. You can set up a meeting for more information and contract negotiations by email to subject Disabled Veteran Contract, or you may call me at 318-361-2355 or my cell 318-267-1453. You may also call our other retired LDEQ man, Saint Paul Liard at 318-816-0984. You may find out more and register for any smoke school on our schedule. You may also contact us for scheduling new open enrollment smoke schools anywhere in the nation or scheduling private on-site smoke schools for your plant or your entire company. Most people pass Whitlow Enterprises certification test and earn an EPA Method 9 Certificate in ½ day verses 2 or 3 days at one of our few competitor’s smoke schools. Our fees may be a tad more than our competitors, but my momma always used to say life is like a box of chocolates and you always get exactly what you pay for. Our competitor smoke schools don't know it from Shinola. Whitlow Smoke School is the only smoke school provider with actual air quality inspection experience. You can trust Whitlow. Come to Whitlow because we make smoke school fun. We hand out prizes for highest opacity test score and we issue door prizes. You may be lucky and win a $2 dollar bill or a tube of Boudreaux Butt Paste.

We proudly serve Blue Runner Gumbo at all Smoke School locations. Let us know and we can cook and cater Gumbo for any of your company functions. Some of you may remember stirring constantly for 4 hours to slow cook gumbo. We get our gumbo base instantly right out of a can and we cook it in a crockpot. All we do is add shrimp, sausage, duck, or chicken. You may also add crab and okra. People from New York City or all over the USA, as well as Cajuns form South Louisiana Ville Platte have bragged on us stating that they only come to smoke school to eat and that we serve the best gumbo in the universe. Now you may purchase Blue Runner Gumbo from Cajun Grocer on line. Thank you for taking the time to read this notice. Signed the Smoke and Gumbo Commander, George Artie Whitlow TSGT US Air Force.