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Smoke School Stories

Heather Goes to Florida

Daddy and I went to Florida to see my sister, Erin, my brother-in-law Barry, and my 2 nephews. They live in Titusville, which is near Orlando

We went to Sea World and saw Shamu, a killer whale. Shamu did tricks: when the trainer offered him 2 fish, he shook his head no. When she offered him many more fish he nodded his head yes and ate all the fish. We saw polar bears, actors, sharks, sting rays, and flamingos.

We also went to Disney World and Epcot Center and stayed for 8 hours. We saw Peter Pan, Captain Hook, and Goofy. We rode many rides, Mission Space, the ride thatís in the big ball, and the magic carpet ride. We saw a very funny show at the tiki house. In the gift shops, they had key chains with Disney characters that cost $6.00.

We went fishing in the ocean, but we didnít catch anything. I found a hermit crab and brought it back to the motel. It died before we left to come back home.

My nephew Michael is 2 years old. His Dad bought him a new truck and I bought him 12 fairy tail books. The words he said the best were no and mine. James is 2 months old and he is sooooooo cute. I got to hold him. He weighs 10 pounds and is about 20 inches long.

My Daddy is going to start doing schools in Florida so we will get to visit them every 6 months. I had an awesome time and canít wait to go again.



El Camino de Santiago (The Road of St. James)

Ever since I visited Brook in Spain in 1992, Iíve been fascinated by this 450 mile walking trail (often referred to as a pilgrimage) in Northern Spain. Reading David Lodgeís novel Therapy a few years later added to that interest as one of his characters hike the trail. This year it occurred to me that if I wanted to do this hike, I should do it soon while Iím still young. So I am making plans to hike the trail next summer with my friend Nancy Troeger, a woman I teach with at IUSB. We are planning to start walking (probably in May after her son graduates from Notre Dame) in St. Jean-Pied-de-Port, France and then continue hiking until we reach Santiago. We understand there are buses if our feet, legs, or knees fail us.



School updates

Lucy is a 4th grader at Aboite Elementary School
Claire is a 7th grader at Summit Middle School, and
Grace is a freshman at Homestead High School. We'll

smoke school stories and family stories

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smoke school stories and family stories

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