Real estate for sale in Ouachita Parish West Monroe, Louisiana 71292 . This is our family home with 4 large bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, large family room, 10 acres land with large 33,000 gallon in-ground swimming pool and small duck pond with ducks on the pond and turkeys and chickens pecking in the fenced in pasture. Wake up to the rooster crowing and the bluebirds singing. You can sit on the porch during the day and feed the abundant hummingbirds, and watch the butterflies. You can sit on the porch or swim in the pool at night without getting eaten by the mosquitoes. You can see a million stars and galaxies that seem so close that you can reach out and take the hand of God. The property also consists of 2 mobile homes, 5 sheds, another above ground pool, woods with 4 wheeler trails, abundant deer and squirrels in the white oak timber. The property is surrounded by hunting clubs. We actually hand fed a yearling deer in the back yard.

The Whitlow Family House in the piney hill woods of West Ouachita Parish near West Monroe Louisiana is for sale- A Quiet Get Away From the Rat Race for Your Sanity

This lovely large swimming pool in the back yard was the fist thing that attracted us to this house.

I fell in love with this quiet place in the country the moment I saw it. I was born just across the river in Monroe Louisiana in 1948. I moved away in 1969 to join the US Air Force during the Vietnam War. Since then I have lived in Sacramento California, Champaign Illinois, San Antonio Texas, Altus Oklahoma, Iceland, Greenland, England, Destin Florida, Baton Rouge Louisiana, Columbia Louisiana, and Washington Indiana. We decided to move back home in 2008. This place on 1305 Charles Griggs Road, 12 miles south out of West Monroe, Louisiana is our little piece of Heaven and is my favorite.  

This particular area around our house offers one of the few large stands of old growth white oak, hickory, cypress, and other hardwood timber in the southeast part of the United States. Back when I was a young buck knee high to a grasshopper, Louisiana was saturated with old growth hardwood timber. In the 1950s and 60s we belonged to a hunting club about 15 miles from here along Castor Creek near Chatom Louisiana. I remember the first time I witnessed them clear cutting huge plots of hardwood timber to plant all of these pine trees that go from seedling to harvest in 10 years. They came out with chain saws, bulldozers, and log trucks and leveled it all to ground to bare dirt. I walked away from my deer stand in December and came back in November and it was all gone, the deer stand and all of the timber around it. It was a shock. I am not complaining too much because people need to work and I like computer paper and toilet paper. I tied Poison Ivey leaves, but that made me itch and turn red in odd places. I own an additional 2.5 acres of hardwood timber across the road that I will consider selling to you only if you give a gentleman's agreement not to clear cut it. I am a genuine tree hugger from way back and I love an abundant hardwood forest.  This area is also rich in oil black gold Texas Tea and natural gas. I will consider splitting the mineral rights with you and we can both be the Beverly Hillbillies for a week or two.

It is so quiet, peaceful, and green out here. I love the sound of the orchestra of crickets, my chickens, doves, peacocks, ducks and frogs. If it were not for my dogs, the deer would be feeding out in the front yard every evening on the large white oak acorns or my On Time Corn Feeders. I also own the land across the road where I have my deer stand. For now I just sit back on the patio and watch my ducks on the pond and my chickens and birds pecking in the grass. I also love watching the cat squirrels play on the ground and jump from tree to tree. I also love watching the humming birds and butterflies.

I love the mild winters here where you can wear shorts and tee-shirt most of the year. I don’t miss shoveling the Indiana snow or scraping the ice off the windshield. I can sit out on the patio late at night and love the stars without getting eaten by a ton of mosquitoes. We can swim all night long in the pool in the backyard. I guess it is the lack of water out here in the hills that keeps the mosquitoes away. The nice thunderstorms just soak in. I love sitting under the patio and listening to the rain hitting the roof. I love to watch the thunderstorms move in with the thunder clapping outside the window. 

We are an easy drive off of Interstate 20 down Louisiana Highway 34 south and narrow country lanes through the green trees of the hills and hollows. We are within 15 miles of the best hunting and fishing in America. Deer season is from November to the end of January. You can fish and play golf here year round. You will absolutely love it down here. This is a great place to raise your kids. I never lock my doors and I leave the keys in the truck. Aaron loves riding his 4 wheeler and I love my Mule. Aaron gets himself out of bed and catches the school bus in the driveway to Pinecrest Elementary Middle School where he is an honor roll student. Kids around here usually end up at West Ouachita High School which also has bus service. Datcome, I was in the 3rd grade 4 times. I can assure you that the world indeed is flat, is centered on Louisiana and the rest of the world rotates around Louisiana. I also know that 79 does go into 18, and that 4 out of 3 people have trouble with fractions.

1305 Charles Griggs RD
West Monroe, LA 71292 Map and Driving Directions

Out here you can't trust the satellites or your GPS. The Martians are sending interference and you will get lost. Please call 318-361-2355 or email us for an appointment to give us time to sweep and mop and reduce the clutter. I have been a certified packrat for 50 years and this drives Miss Angie nuts. All sales will be conducted through Miss Elaine Thomason, our real estate agent who has been working with us about  a year showing us all sorts of property. She has been patiently putting up with my on again off again thoughts of selling this house.

Well let me show you some pictures:    Since the pictures were taken we have added a new red commercial grade metal roof and a new water well with crystal clear water. The old roof was not leaking but I got a good deal on the metal roof from my Amish friends in Indiana.

This is a picture of the house taken from the gravel driveway.  

This is a winter view of the front of the house so you can see the house clearer 

This is a picture of the back of our house. This is the sun room in the middle of the house.

This is a picture of the ducks on the pond.

These are pictures of the kitchen/ notice the stone floors


This is the spacious living room

Next picture/ the front garden taken from the road

Next picture/ chickens, ducks, turkeys The sheds are included in the purchase price

Next picture/ back patio  

Next picture/ Mobile Home we use as an office. The mobile home is not included in the list price. The shed over the mobile home is included. The Mobile Home is available at reasonable price.    

Next picture/ turkey in our field next to the house   

Next picture/ red storage barn and boat shed. The barn is not included in the listing price but the boat shed is included.    

Next picture/concrete pigs and chickens not included in purchase price   

Next picture/ red barn and work shed/ the red barn is not included in the purchase price   

Next picture/ the flowery vine that hides the oxidation pond behind the mobile home

Next picture/ detached carport included in listing price

When I lived in Baton Rouge for 17 years, the night sky was poisoned with air pollution and noise pollution According to the secretary of DEQ, my old boss, the major sources of noise and air pollution are the 2.5 picking up trucks per family rushing to and fro along Interstate 10 and supporting highways from Baton Rouge to New Orleans. What I don't understand is how anyone drives the half a vehicle.  Light pollution also destroyed the nights for me in Baton Rouge. I hardly ever saw the stars. Out here the only sounds you hear may be a chain saw down the road or the crickets, mocking birds, woody woodpeckers, robins, cardinals, squirrels, or maybe an occasional coyote now and again. The other night I thought I heard a buck snort, but turns out Miss Angie ate a few too many refried beanie wienies. There is no air pollution out here. You may see an occasional vehicle pass now and again. The paper mill is the closest industry but it is 15 miles north of here and I never smell it. There is no light pollution out here. Buy a telescope because you can sit out and gaze at the moon, Venus in bluejeans, Mars, and the big dipper and other stars all night long. You can get close to God and almost reach out and touch his face and the stars. You can shoot the moon. This area is saturated with people from the following religions:

  1. LSU Fans

  2. New Orleans Saints Fans

  3. ST Louis Cardinal Fans

  4. Fishers of fish

  5. Deer, duck, coon, fox, and squirrel hunters

  6. Southern Baptists

  7. Methodists

  8. Pentecostals

  9. Catholics

  10. Work-a-holics

  11. Rebels without a cause

  12. Rednecks like me

Click here for a listing of Churches in the area.

Louisiana is known for fine unusual cooking. Click here for a list of restaurants

Click here for a place to find fishing supplies

Click here for a list of hunting suppliers

Click here for places to shop

Click here for theaters and art



Click here for television schedule

Why am I selling out you may ask. I have a dream. Follow that Dream was an old Elvis movie. When I was a young buck back in 1956 we took a vacation on the White River in Arkansas. We rented a camp space and slept in an Army tent at a lodge and campground on the river bank. The lodge was family owned and operated. They had a house there and a boat dock, a general store, and a bait stand. I made quick friends and fly-fished for rainbow trout with the young boy who lived there. That is what my dream is. I am searching for about 25 or more acres on a large lake or river in Louisiana or Arkansas. Let me know if you have seen one. Email if you have seen some land that will make the dream come true.

Well let me tell you a little more about this house on Charles Griggs Road. We have 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a nice kitchen and dining room on an open floor plan and a wood burning fireplace. The house is solid brick except for the large master bedroom and bath we added to what used to be the 2 car garage. The add-on is vinyl siding. The house is built in 1976 on a concrete slab foundation. As you can see from the pictures below, it is landscaped. I spent an additional $3,000 on heavy equipment landscaping to direct the runoff rainwater away from the house and into the ditch on the south side of the house. There is 2208 square foot of heated living space. We have central electric heating and air conditioning. I overhauled the units last year. We have community water, as well as our own private water well with very clean water delivered at a very high pressure. We have wireless rapid internet DSM for 5 computers, 4 phone lines, Dish Network on the TV,  and a modern septic tank with a health department approved oxidation pond that you cannot smell. We get good cell phone reception with AT&T.

Another thing we really liked about the house is the 33,000 gallon salt based in-ground swimming pool with the concrete deck and the wooden privacy fence. Miss Angie had lived all of her life in southern Illinois, southern Indiana, and northern Kentucky. I moved her down here to Louisiana during a July heat wave and she experienced culture shock. We could not wait to cool off in the afternoon in the pool. Our son Aaron loves to bring is friends over for a dip now and again. We are scheduled to have the lining replaced later this month and we can hardly wait. We had planned to add solar panels for heating the pool and the house eventually. If we don’t sell it we may still do this. Right now we are all electric except for the fireplace. You will enjoy the large sun room in the back of the house. I raise orchids out there and I bring in my tomatoes so I can have BLTs longer. There ain't but two things in the world that money can't buy and that is true love and home grown tomatoes.

We also have two mobile homes. We currently use both mobile home in as offices. We also have a 2 story red barn shed and 4 other sheds. We are asking $299,000 for the house and the 10  acres. Watch out for the thudy point buck. I'm a gona' get dat' thurdy point buck.  


If you are interested in seeing our house in the woods, email, or call Miss Angie and George Whitlow office 318-361-2355 or cell phone 812-617-0344. Thanks for looking.


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