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Outside Environmental Links

Includes Environmental Consultants who come to Whitlow Smoke Schools.


This is a place where our customers can link up with our web site. Please ask me at the next smoke school to provide you a link.



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EPA Title V

EPA Newsgroups on opacity


Links to State Environmental Departments in every state

Cal Check Your one stop source for NIST Filters for Calibrations.

RB Jacko & Associates, Environmental Engineering Consultants, Robert Jacko PhD Purdue University

Design, stack testing, noise surveys, air permits, expert testimony, diffusion modeling

West Lafayette, Indiana Phone (Office) 765--743-1320 (University) 765-494-2199 rbjacko@gte.net

Home Safety program


Louisiana Environmental Health Association (LEHA)

Does your company use analyzers? Do they break? Here is the solution. Oscar of Analyzer Guides offers C D training on trouble shooting and repair of most analyzers. http://www.analyzerguides.com/

Instrument Repair- Fast service- all environmental and industrial hygiene instruments-- Be sure to tell them that Whitlow Enterprises referred you to their company.

Stack testing, and prolonged on-site visible emissions readings for settlement of visible emissions violations. ACS Environmental has tons of experience in the steel industry in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio.  These are hard workers, good friends, and they do a good job. They will go anywhere where they are needed. Email sdurhamacsenvirl@aol.com

Air Hygiene International provides stack and emissions testing on a large variety of turbine and combustion processes. They provide services such as stack testing, visible emissions monitoring, analyzer monitoring and such.

Horizon Environmental- Detroit, and Grand Rapids, Michigan for remedial investigation, risk assessment, environmental engineering, construction services, compliance and such.

Need some improvements to your combustion process for environmental compliance. Stacks, flares, incinerators etc

--Contact Scott K Smith ZEECO


Need a tank for charcoal filtering of air or water?  Need machine work or milling. No project too large or too small. World-wide delivery available. Now this is an amazing team for meeting your needs. These are Amish Craftsmen right here in Southwest Indiana. They have made a couple of repairs for me and they are very good and prompt. Now they don't have the internet and they don't even have electricity at the house. But they get by very well, thank you very much. Give them a call Graber Equipment 812-636-7733 or 7783. One call that's all.

Need an Amish Buggy. A cute little horsie and carriage. Need any metal work, cabinets, professional woodworking and metal work. All done without the benefit of electricity. Well, honestly they do have electricity, but it is with a generator. Most of their sanders and tools work on compressed air.  Velly Velly interesting. Try Raber's Buggy Shop. Montgomery, Indiana They built our newest smoke machine for smoke school. Sorry they do not have electricity nor email but they do have a phone. 812-486-3789

Need some melt in your mouth Amish Made Peanut Brittle, Maybe some of those homemade chocolates with nuts. Is that sweet tooth of yours acting up. No order too large or too small. They cook these up right there in Montgomery, Indiana at the farm. I have watched them cook this candy in their immaculately cleaned and health board inspected kitchen. They cook on a series of propane burners in an old fashioned cast iron pot. Man oh man, the smell will drive you wild. I have bad teeth, and this Amish brittle does not hurt my teeth. They will package up your order and mail it out anywhere in the USA. They only make candy from October to Christmas, Unless you have a very large order. We bring this candy to smoke school for door prizes. They don't use regular electricity nor natural gass. All cooking is done on propane burners. They do have a phone outside in the phone booth. So give them time to get outside and answer. Call Melvin or Sharon Yoder 812-486-3787

 T-shirts, hats, caps, silk screen or embroidered, also solid hardwood tomato stakes and bean poles. Also custom wood molding. Nationwide delivery available. My brother, Crazy Ricks. Ricky Whitlow. He designed our logo, tee-shirts, and hats. He can drink beer and run a trotline too. Give him a holler. Phone 318-649-3404

You need to read Performance Safety: A Practical Approach if you:

·    are responsible for employee performance
·    need ideas to lower your injuries and worker compensation costs
·    are “raising the bar” of expectations for your people
·    have increased your number of injuries or reached a plateau in safety
·    need a simplified, easy-to-use process to enhance safe performance

Performance Safety: A Practical Approach will give you:
·    an easy-to-read, jargon-free examples for increasing safe performance
·    ideas to help motivate your people to greater levels of performance
·    six key elements that must be part of your safety culture and process
·    the “Triangle for Success” to help you successfully increase employee participation
·    principles to improve your bottom line in performance, productivity, and profits
Randy DeVaul safetypro@roadrunner.com





Virginia Aggregates Association

EPA Kentucky State Implementation Plan

The Bag-house Service Home Page

University of Kentucky Environmental Assistance Program

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