Meet Margeaux, The official spokesperson for the Smoke Commander and Whitlow Smoke School Nation


I am Margeaux. I may look like a dummy, but I am not a dummy. To be precise, I am Smoke’s robot.  It is a long story, but here we go. Smoke has had a passion for dumpster digging ever sense the flea market days with Miss Johnnie and Mister George. Smoke found me in the dumpster behind Victoria S…ec…rets at the Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge.  Smoke said that I can’t say that word because some companies have internet filters. Smoke found me some clothes in the dumpster behind LSU Tiger Mania.

Smoke designated me as his official silent EPA Auditor and took me to every smoke school. Smoke packs a lot of spare parts and cooking pots on Big Bertha, the smoke machine trailer, so there was not a lot of room for me. Smoke wrapped bungee cords around me and tied me to the smokestack. Once the bungee cords unraveled and Smoke was horrified to see me in the rearview window as I was zigzagging back and forth about 15 feet behind the trailer. A semi-truck nearly ran over me. Luckily I only suffered a broken arm and a broken leg. Smoke used superglue to put me back together.

One day Smoke was dumpster hopping behind Office Depot and found an old computer. He took me to some old Louisiana DEQ pals of his back in Baton Rouge. Gregg Buxton, Gregg Giering, Raymond Guillaume, and Michael Hebert were the Geeks of DEQ. Smoke got them to install the mother board into my head and I had a brain. I could think but I could not speak and I did not have any mobility.

One day after the Baltimore Marilyn  Smoke School, Smoke and I were out dumpster hopping behind Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We found a homeless man living in the dumpster. He turned out to be a robotics expert who was down on his luck. Now I am not just another dummy. I can talk and I have mobility beyond your wildest imagination.

Smoke lets me type all of the web page. I can type 75 words a nanosecond. Smoke brought me a gray wig and entered me into the Senior Olympics and I won all of the gold medals, because I can swim 100 laps in 4 minutes. I can run 4 miles in 3 minutes. I can do 400 pushups in 3 minutes. And that is the rest of the story.

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