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Uncle George's personal views of the murder conviction of innocent men

Tonight May 23, 2007 my girlfriend Angie, my daughter Heather, her boyfriend Nathan and I watched the movie The Pursuit of Happiness. It was about one man's struggle from having nothing to becoming a stockbroker. It was a good movie and you should watch it During the movie I thought of my struggle beginning at my decision to retire from a perfectly good career with the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality to start this business of smoke school. Thanks to the Good Lord and all of you, it seems to be working. At times I feel very happy in my pursuit of happiness. The movie also reminded me of a murder trial that I wrote about on the internet back in April 1996 and a small promise I made to God if I could help get this innocent man our of Angola Prison.

Kawatta Bosby story

I also wrote a story about Brandon Johnson but I have not received any word of his outcome.

A few years back I got some emails and phone calls from Bosby's public Defender Andrew Jackson Hodges of Baton Rouge. The last I heard from Hodges was that court and the Baton Rouge prosecutors office had read my webpage abut Bosby and decided to give him a new trial and maybe even to release him from Angola. I regret that i have been to occupied with my own short comings to think about Bosby. But I guess God never forgets and his time table is not exactly like ours. He brought it all back to me while watching the movie. So tonight I looked up Hodges on the internet and sent him an email. I hope it works and I can learn that Bosby is out of jail and I can fulfill my promise to God and give him a job and a future.


In December of 2007, I heard from Andrew Hodges that Bosby had finally been freed from prison after 10 long years on a life sentence. I guess I can leave this world knowing that at last I have done some good. I guess at least I have done one good deed to change the world. The judges and district attorneys read my internet stories and after years finally let the innocent man out of jail. Hodges informed me that Bosby is keeping a low profile living probably with his grandmother somewhere near Lake Charles Louisiana. I have not been able to locate him. He doesn't know my role in getting him out of prison and I guess it doesn't matter who gets the credit. It is done and that is all that matters. I am just grateful that by the mercy of God that I have never been accused of a serious crime such as murder, because I feel strongly that once accused, you will be found guilty unless you have  a great expensive lawyer. Email me if you know the whereabouts of Bosby. I would love to talk to him.

Several years ago I was traveling along US Hwy 61 near Natchez Mississippi and stopped to eat at Mammy's Cupboard, a small restaurant built in the 1940s in the shape of politically uncorrected Aunt Jemima. I have eaten is the skirt several times over the years now and the food is excellent. They specialize in special deli sandwiches, and the best homemade pies and deserts you ain't never had in your mouth. During my first visit, the owner, an elderly Southern Mississippi bell, sat down at the table with me and we had a long conversation about her blueberry farm behind the cafe and her grandson John Grisham.

At the time I was in the midst of starting to write my novel Blue Bayou Days- The Summer of 61. I started the novel on yellow legal size note pads and truck stop napkins while traveling the byways of Louisiana and Mississippi doing maintenance work for the Louisiana DEQ. Mammy's owner informed me that her grandson was a writer. She said his name was John Grisham and asked if I had ever read any of his novels. I thought about it and replied that I had never heard of him. Well I certainly have heard of him now. He is one of my favorite writers.

Currently I am reading his novel An Innocent Man, The novel is his first book based totally on a true story. I can plainly see that this lawyer turned writer is as concerned as I am about the fallacy of justice in America  for innocent men falsely accused of murder. And that my friends is the way it is.

smoke school stories and family stories

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smoke school stories and family stories

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