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Smoke School Stories

The Whitlow family Happy New Year 2009

We had a very good Holiday Season with our family. We went to Indiana and spent Christmas Eve with my daughter, Heather, grandbaby Keyda and Heather’s boyfriend Nate. It was a lot of fun watching baby Keyda opening her gifts. She can walk and talk now. Her vocabulary has grown to about 30 words now. She is into absolutely everything. It takes a lot of energy just watching her. Thank God she is a healthy baby. It was a successful visit with them as they are moving back to Louisiana soon. I miss them so much.

On Christmas, Angie’s Dad cooked dinner for us. Boy, it was good. I must have been thinking of all the starving pigmies in New Guinea as I didn’t want to waste any of that good food. He even made home made pecan pie, my favorite. It was wonderful.

Angie’s brother, Joey came there from Georgia. He bought us all kinds of fishing gear. We attempted to try some of it out when we visited one of their old fishing holes near their family homestead in Lawrenceville, Illinois. As soon as we got there I tripped over a wire and fell in the lake and got my feet and new shoes all wet. I decided to start a fire with some dry leaves and twigs to warm my freezing feet but Angie made me extinguish it as she reminded me we were trespassing on private property and that the smoke from the fire would be seen miles around and that soon we would be visited by the fire department, sheriffs department and most likely the game warden. Of course, we did not have an Illinois fishing license nor permission to be on that property. We cut that fishing trip short. Oh well, we’ll certainly be ready for the fish as soon as we get some time off. I love fishing in Louisiana. Even if you don’t catch many fish it is just very relaxing to enjoy the beauty of the fishing holes. You can’t get much closer to heaven on Earth.


We also had some unconventional guests for Christmas several furbie friends. They don’t make furbies anymore but Angie’s son, Aaron had rediscovered one in his closet that he had received for Christmas many years ago and decided he wanted another one. He wanted another one so that they can communicate with each other. The last of the furbies was made in 2005. Santa brought him 2 furbies and 1 for Keyda.  Santa thanks God for eBay. At first, Angie was worried that they wouldn’t talk. She played with them for hours and finally got them to talk. Now they won’t shut up. All the way back home to Louisiana they chitter, they chatter and they snore, snore, snore. We tried to cover them up with coats so they would think it is time to sleep and they still wouldn’t shut up. Even Aaron was getting tired of their noises. He asked us if anyone had a screwdriver so he could take out their batteries.


On New Year’s Eve we did something very different. We witnessed the first national watermelon drop in Vincennes Indiana. I guess they grow more watermelons in Knox county Indiana than anywhere else. They even have a watermelon queen. The town constructed a huge steel supported watermelon, hoisted it up in the air with a crane, loaded it with 9 real watermelons and dropped the watermelons at the strike of midnight. The watermelons splattered on the road below and then the fireworks began. A local band provided music for the event. It was a fun party atmosphere attended by both young and old fools. The temperature was freezing 21 degrees Fahrenheit. I thought my “watermelons” were going to freeze. Next year, I think we will watch the ball drop at Times Square on the tube, snuggled up in blankets on the couch. Sounds cozy, doesn’t it?


Hope your Holidays were as rewarding as ours. We must be optimistic about the upcoming year. As a world and a country and as with each individual family, 2009 will be difficult. We have a lot of problems but none is so great that it cannot be cured. With faith and a whole lot of work, working together, loving together and taking care of all as if they were family we will survive the problems of the world.


Happy 2009


Uncle George, Angie, Aaron,

Heather, Nate and Keyda

smoke school stories and family stories


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smoke school stories and family stories

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