Boudreaux and the Parrot Joke
Boudreaux received a parrot for his birthday. This parrot was fully grown, with a bad attitude and worse vocabulary. He cussed like a sailor. The Parrot bit Boudreaux on the finger. Boudreaux tried hard to give the bird an attitude adjustment and was constantly saying polite words like how you doing Cher. Boudreaux played Cajun Zydeco music for the bird. Boudreaux played every song he knew. Boudreaux opened the cage and tried to get the parrot to hop on his finger. But the Parrot bit Boudreaux on the finger real hard like. This made Boudreaux scream and he got short tempered. Boudreaux shouted, “If you bite me again I am going to throw you in the freezer!”
Boudreaux opened the cage again and the parrot jumped out and bit Boudreaux real hard on the nozzle. Boudreaux grabbed the parrot and tossed him into the freezer. At first the bird squawked and hollered and cussed. Then the parrot got deathly quiet.  Boudreaux was feared he might have frozen the parrot or something. Boudreaux opened he freezer door and the parrot jumped out, perched on Boudreaux’s shoulder, and started singing Jambalaya. The parrot asked Boudreaux to get out his accordion and play along. The parrot kissed Boudreaux on his sore nose and begged for forgiveness. Then the parrot asked Boudreaux, “What did the chicken do?”
And that is the news from Lake Whitlowbegone where all the men are good looking, the women are smart, and all the parrots are above average.  “You are my too- toot.” He played every song he could think of. Nothing worked. He yelled at the bird, but the bird got worse. Boudreaux put his finger in the cage and the parrot bit it. He shook the bird and the bird got madder and ruder. Boudreaux shouted if you bite my finger again, I gonna throw you in the freezer. The parrot bit Boudreaux on his big nose.
Finally, in a moment of desperation, Boudreaux opened the door and chunked the Parrot in the freezer. For a few moments he heard the bird squawking, kicking and screaming and then, suddenly, all was quiet. Boudreaux was frightened that he might have actually hurt the bird and quickly opened the freezer door.
The parrot calmly stepped out onto Boudreaux's extended arm and said, "I'm sorry that I offended you with my language and actions. I am sorry that I bit you on the finger and your ugly nose. I ask for your forgiveness. I will go to the Catholic Church with you every week to pray the Rosary and I will try to modify my behavior."
Boudreaux was astounded at the bird's change in attitude and was about to ask what changed him when the parrot continued, "May I ask what the chicken did?"

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