Whitlow Smoke School Practice Test Visible Emissions Training DVD

This training device DVD was filmed by our staff of former professional television news and sports camera and video productions people. We set up the optimal conditions for reading opacity considering the sun position, winds, and contrasting background. The video consists of brief instructions of the basic fundamentals of reading opacity and 25 white smoke practice plumes, and 25 black smoke practice plumes.  The video is narrated by Uncle Buck, a retired Louisiana DEQ state air quality inspector and the founder and president of Whitlow Smoke School. The video is a practice video and cannot be used for opacity certification. In order to be a certified smoke reader one must attend one of our scheduled smoke schools.

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Or we can set up a private smoke school for your plant if you wish to train at least 14 people.

Private Smoke Schools  

One of the reasons the Federal EPA does not allow digital smoke school certification is the appearance of the smoke plume depends on the amount of light in the room with your computer screen or DVD player. For best results while taking the digital practice test, you should dim the light in your office with just enough light to write your practice test answers on  your notebook paper. The correct opacity readings are posted in the video so you can use it as a learning tool. Again the appearance of the smoke plumes depends on the amount of light in your office. You will need to make mental adjustments in the field.

Normally we ship the video on a DVD format. The video is also available by special requests on CD or VCR. Unless you specify CD or VCR we will send you a DVD.

Price including shipping and taxes $100 order Please include your name, company name, fax number, mailing address, and phone number. We will send you an invoice and you can use your credit card to complete the order. You may also order by pone 318-361-2355.

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