Whitlow Smoke School for Hurricane Sandy

Recently we held a relaxing peaceful stress free smoke school here at our home in the woods of the sandy hills of Northeast Louisiana near West Monroe Louisiana. We held the smoke school especially for 8 employees of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. These guys have been working hard 24/7 to keep the sky smoke free while monitoring air curtain destructor devices used to burn tons and tons of debris from Hurricane Sandy. While the media has moved on to other breaking stories such as the fiscal cliff and the shootings, the people of New York and the surrounding northeast shore line are still suffering from the loss of everything, homeless, and without power in these freezing temperatures. One of the guys informed me that he lived on a hill in Long Island and the water stopped rising just 6 feet from his house. Down the hill he sees boats, ships, destroyed homes and tons of debris. I really do appreciate their efforts to keep New York beautiful, so we gave them a hardy welcome to the great state of Louisiana. I met their crew at the airport and took them out to my favorite restaurant The Waterfront Grill for shrimp po boys on the bayou. Then we stopped for photographs at the Duck Commander warehouse, factory, and store.

In preparation for the smoke school I brought in my best chefs Crappie Man Jeff Holloway, Saint Paul Laird, and Larry the real cable guy to cook our best southern fried catfish, shrimp, fried okra, hushpuppies, and French fries for our new friends from The Big Apple. John David Wallace and Pete Jarrell had the smoke machine tuned up and calibrated to work perfectly for the smoke school where our friends sat by the campfire in the fire ring and listened to the rooster crow and my great stories during the night time certification smoke school training. Wendy Jarrell and Colleen made all of the preparations needed and had the certificates waiting after they passed the test. Everyone really enjoyed the experience and I feel like I had a small part in Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. I will donate a portion of the proffit to the American Red Cross for hurricane relief.

Whitlow Smoke School performs EPA Method 9 Certification smoke school every 6 months in 100 locations in 21 states. We train inspectors and the environmental staff of industrial plants in the proper fundamentals of reading opacity of dust and smoke for compliance assurance of federal, state, and local laws and regulations. We are expanding as we speak. We can set up smoke schools in your state or in your area. We grow by word of mouth. Ask your your state inspectors and your friends at neighboring plants to consider Whitlow Smoke School Nation and contact email us at smokeschool@yahoo.com subject smoke school in our area. Be on the lookout for a host plant with a meeting room and a picnic shelter. We also like to use city and state parks or any other facility with meeting rooms and shelters.

The following is an email that I sent thanking them our their nice informative visit.



Whitlow smoke school for Hurricane Sandy
I really enjoyed your presence here at our home for smoke school in the sandy hills of Northeast Louisiana. I hope you had a safe flight home. I loved just having a very small part in the cleanup effort in your beautiful city of New York. Our crew really enjoyed yawl. My thanks to Crappie Man, Saint Paul, and Larry, the real cable guy, who cooked up the shrimp and catfish for yawl and kept the campfire burning. My thanks to David and Pete, who as usual had the smoke machine calibrated and working perfectly. It is too bad that Sweet Angie missed you because she was back home in Indiana. She called a few minutes ago and said they were having a lovely snow in Vincennes again tonight to help with the blizzard that came through the other night.
This morning it was rather chilly here, about 28 with a light rain so David and I took my mule down to the woods and sat by the propane heater in my box deer stand with my 30/30 rifle. We did not see anything but the rain sounded relaxing on the tin roof. There are not as many deer around here this year. The biologist say it is due to illness suffered from the Morganza Spillway Flooding to relieve the Mississippi River flooding from St Louis to New Orleans a while back. I have seen several pictures of some huge bucks feeding at night on the corn feeders around the area.
My no brother good law Joe from Illinois and I were fishing for a bass rodeo during the flood. Read more about being lost. We were fishing on a 3,000 acre soybean field that was flooded with 15 feet of water. The trouble with fishing on a flooded bean field is that everything looks exactly alike and we got terribly lost until the game wardens pinged our cell phone and rescued us at midnight and saved us from three 16 foot hungry alligators circling the boat. Joe, having never seen a gator except in the zoo, was rather horrified and he was shaking the boat so bad it nearly turned over. I told Joe they wanted a marshmallow but I did not have any. You should always carry bags of marshmallows during gator encounters. I leaned this on an airboat gator tour in the Everglades a few years back. I gotta get me one of dem airboats Cher’ they be real fast you can turn a 90 degree curve in the bayou at 90 miles an hour. Hang on to your hat.
I lost my cat after the school. I was wondering if you seen a cat in your car. Stewey sleeps with me when Angie is out of town and I am rather lost without him. I hope you enjoyed your visit here at our house and your visit with the Duck Commander. This is their web site if you want to order something.
I am sorry that we did not have enough time for you to pick up some gulf shrimp or gator meat for you to ship back home. Here are some links to Louisiana Seafood and this is a link to buy some alligator meat. I like to batter it and fry it slowly and be sure not to overdo it. Cook it about 120 degrees until the meat is white and flaky.
Don’t forget the Yankee Tickets and see if you can spread the word about us. The crew and I would love a few trips to the Big Apple. Thanks for the cigars and the fine ball caps. See if you can find us a location with a meeting room and a picnic shelter to hold a smoke school. Many thanks to you for coming. We loved you. Uncle George.

It ain't over until the fat cat sings

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