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Space Shuttle Fallout Story

I am aware that the crash of the Space Shuttle is a tragic event in American History, and I feel sadness for the family of the astronauts killed. There always is a silver lining There always is a  moment of humor associated with every tragic event. For example, my Daddy never talked to me about the horrors of fighting in the South Pacific during the War to  End Wars, Would War II. However, he often told me stories of the humorous things that did happen to him during this time in history. Daddy had just graduated from Minden High School in northwest Louisiana near Shreveport on December 7, 1941, the day that will live in infamy. He played football there in Minden after his family sold the general store in Cotton Valley and brought a new one in Minden.. He was the center on the football team and he was the fastest  person on the team who could r un the 100 yard dash. They all called him the Cotton Valley Flash. Anyway, the war broke out and the Cotton Valley Flash enlisted in the US Marines and became an MP. This one choice changed his life and directed the remainder of his life to the end. He had a knee injury during the fighting which ended his football career hopes. He had planned on running the general store they purchased in Minden, but his momma decided to sell the store after Daddy eloped with my Momma. And that is history. Anyway, Daddy had to make a living, the only other thing he knew how to do, other than football or the story  was be a cop, the skill he learned in the Marines. He was a cop, a football umpire, and a little league baseball coach in Monroe for 20 years. After he retired from the cops, he became just like me. A traveling teacher, working for LSU teaching cops how to be cops. I remember several of his humorous stories about the war, but the one I want to tell you about was the hornets nest.

Daddy's brigade was camped on a South Pacific island. There was a hornets nest just about head high hanging over the main trail into the camp. They decided the hornets nest was a great alarm system for any Japanese who tried to sneak into the camp after dark. The left the hornets nest right where it was and it was full of fighting hornets. They tried to always warn the new recruits to avoid the hornets nest when they hit the trail. They had a fresh batch of recruits come in just before dark and they forgot to warn about the hornets nest.

Every night the Japanese air force would fly over the camp and strafe the Marine camp with machine gunfire. The veteran marines dug into foxholes or ran avoiding the main trail and the hornets nest. The new recruits ran right down the main trail and hit the hornets nest with their heads. It was dark, bullets were flying everywhere, and new recruits were yelling, "Medic, I been hit!"  Well that is the the true story, the way I heard it. Daddy and I are and were both firm believers that laughter is the best medicine.

Now I want to tell you the story I heard about the space shuttle fallout. One of our customers lives in northeast Texas.  You probably know him. His name is Dorian and he immigrated from Russia about 25 years ago. He says he is almost a native Texan. He says he met his wife at a family reunion. He lives not too far from Toledo Bend Lake where most of the space shuttle debris fell, He heard the announcement on the radio about reporting unusual items found on the ground. Dorian had an old burned up transmission from his old washing machine in the garage. It looked all burned out. He decided to play a little joke on his next door neighbor. He put the burned up washing machine transmission in the corner of his neighbor's back yard.

The neighbor found the transmission and swore it was part of the space shuttle. Before Dorian could tell the neighbor it was a joke, the neighbor called the authorities and reported the location of the space shuttle debris. The authorities came and were photographing and ready to remove the transmission when Dorian got home from work. He explained to them what had happened and they were not very happy. Well that is the way it is or was.

If you have a humorous story to tell, then email it to me in word format and I will put it on the internet. Laughter is the best medicine. smoke school stories and family stories

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