Family Stories and Stories about Smoke Schools

from Your Smoke Commander, whose brain is an artesian well of useless information

searching for all the right answers to life's persistent questions

Warning! You have left the business site of Whitlow Enterprises Smoke School. You have entered into story land.  This is a place where I come to share my personal dreams, thoughts, opinions, and aspirations. Everyone has a hobby and this is mine. I have been writing this blog since 1998, when I had a tragic fall while building a barbed wire fence to keep the cows out of my Louisiana DEQ air quality monitoring site near Giesmar Louisiana. I missed over a month of work because I damaged my sciatic nerve. I could not stand up, much less walk. This story should give you some incite into my character. There were many times that I feared that I would never stand up and walk again. The pain pills only lasted about an hour. Physical therapy was a joke. I figured sooner or later Jesus would answer my prayer and let me walk again or let me die. I needed some relief. The bosses James, Snap, Crackle, and Pop all came to see me several days. They sent over the state disability office and tried to force me to take disability, because I had used up all of my sick leave. I am not a quitter and I refused to give up. I am a workaholic and could not settle for a life of disability. I loved my job conducting smoke school and traveling conducting maintenance across the state of Louisiana.  

I took pain pills and crawled outside and laid down under the shade of a mimosa tree and taught myself how to use a computer and write web pages to share my thoughts. He makes me lie down by green pastures. I was beginning to give up standing and walking when I discovered VAX-D. They wheeled me in on a wheel chair and after the third treatment I stood up and walked. Jesus had shown me the way. It was a miracle. I got up out of my wheel chair and stood up and walked.

I am sharing these stories for your personal entertainment and pleasure. I laughed and cried as I wrote these stories through the years. I hope they will make you do the same. Sometimes you need a quiet place to come to relax and reminisce. You feel stressed because of the lack of humanity in the world, global warming, war, rumors of war, economic depression, famine, heat, drought,  pressures on the job and with the family. Hey Jesus can you give me a ride back home. You are always welcome here. Take off your shoes and throw them in the corner. Remember this- Jesus and I love you and we need you. You can call or contact me anytime. Ask for Uncle George.  

The world is full of questions. The world is full of answers. Some are right. Some are wrong. On the 12th floor of the Acme Building a light still burns, where one man is still seeking all the correct answers to life’s persistent questions. Welcome to Uncle George’s story land. If you like these stories, you will love my novel Blue Bayou Days The Summer of 61 about the life and times of 11 year old Skeeter Hayden, the greatest baseball player of all. It is a story about baseball, hunting, fishing, family values, Elvis, Dizzy Dean, JFK, and others. Please email me at if these stories bring back memories or have touched your life. I have been inspired by many people like Garrison Kielor A Prairie Home Companion.


Marie King Whitlow Kremos-  Childlike Faith, the Second Greatest Story Ever Told


The Deer Hunting Trip Captain George, the Smoke Master General Never Will Forget- December 28, 2014

Christmas greetings 2013- Forgiveness and a New Walk With Jesus


Six Common Air Pollutants, Redwing Blackbirds, and CF Industries by the Smoke Commander.

Mothers Day 2013, by the Smoke Commander- A story about Miss Johnnie, Jesus healing me of polio. little league baseball, a trip to Bountiful, and you are my sunshine.

Suicidal Deer verses my Cadillac Mar 16, 2013

Bear Attack

Goodbye Andy Griffith. You were one of the first persons I saw on TV. I will miss you. Here is Andy's story about What it was, was football.

Greetings March 2013 Your help for engineering project, Suicidal deer

Greetings Somebody Slap Me February 22, 2013 From Uncle George and Whitlow Smoke School

Merry Christmas Greetings Dec 2012

Hurricane Isaac and How High is the Water Momma Greetings September 1, 2012

Dog Days of Summer Greetings August 1, 2012

Merry Christmas Greetings Email Dec 1, 2011

Greetings Feb 1, 2012

Greetings May 8, 2012- New Orleans Jazz Fest, TCEQ Austin Environmental Trade fare, and the Squirrel Dream


My Internet Stories. Click the links below: Been writing these since 1998.

Coffee Pots and Coffins December 29, 2012

Whitlow Smoke School for Hurricane Sandy

The older I get the older I am. Ain't it funny how time slips away. The Empty Chair, a poem by my Fiend Linda Shirley in Aldergrove British Columbia. Linda wrot the review on the cover of my Novel Blue Bayou Days- The Summer of 61.  I have reached a stage in life where most of my favorite memories never happened at all. Mark Twain

Are you suffering from Depression Recession Blues? Are you thinking with all of the drought and high heat wave, that you may have to swap a Cadillac for a loaf of bread? Click here for more.

The truth about the Crossett Arkansas Ghost Light

A Tribute to my Best Friend- The DAWG

The Funeral Home, May 1, 2012

Boudreaux goes fishing and Dugas drowns

The doctor diagnosed Hector with terminal inoperable brain cancer

Boudreaux Joke Jet Fuel Dec 11, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree, by Angela Whitlow December 1, 2011

Boudreaux and the Parrot Joke

Big George received a phone call and almost had to go to court about an opacity inspection. Know your job and do it right the first time.

Read more

Where is On Star When You Need Them- Locked Out of My Truck in the Woods at Night

Whitlow family visits miles and miles of Texas October 11, 2011

Jesus is real -   To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven

Why does our government think we are a bunch of morons?         September 4 2011

About Uncle George Whitlow, money, welfare, employment, and values August 27, 2011

Testosterone, Talking Vans, 3 dog night, and jury duty August 2, 2011

George Artie Butch Whitlow in an Amish Cock Fight- Jesus’ will not mine July 4, 2011

Elvis and Me 4th of July at Forsythe Park By George Artie (Butch) Whitlow June 27, 2011

Whitlow Texas Smoke Schools Great news, doctor’s office, schedule, locations June 16, 2011

Supply Sergeants would make great US Presidential Candidates- funny but true story By George Artie Whitlow- USAF Hospital Environmental Health veteran.  June 12, 2011

Dumpster Hopping Tales- June 4, 2011

Swamp Boys Get Lost on a Louisiana Bayou – A Fish Tale from Uncle George May 22, 2011

The devil went down to Osama Bin Laden May 9, 2011

Cockroach Dead Side up  in My Sunny Side  up Fired Eggs

For Memorial Day 2011 we visited my mamma and daddy at the Gardens of Memory on a hill in Minden Louisiana. Angie, my other brother Joe, Aaron, 3 other teenage boys, and I put up a flag, saluted it, and Aaron played the National Anthem on his saxophone. Here are some memorial day stories about the Whitlow Family.

Two Brothers went to war. One came home. And one never saw home again. The story of my Uncle, Artie JR Whitlow- A soldiers letters to his Momma.

A tribute to my daddy, George Wesley Whitlow- the person who molded me. Written by my Uncle Maurice Whitlow for Minden Louisiana Memories. This is a historic look with photographs through North Louisiana History.

My Daddy- The Life and Times of George Wesley Whitlow This story includes pictures of daddy with his now antique Harley Davison and His 53 Oldsmobile Safety Crusader Car.


I am sad to say my Momma passed away. This is her obituary I wrote in her last hours. I read this to her and she liked it

On April 31 I received a phone call from former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards


What do you think was the best and smartest invention?

Are the good times really over for good? Are the freedoms we have fought for in America DEAD. We have the best politicians money can buy. Dan Rather CBS Anchorman.

The day we met New Orleans Saints all time leading scorer Morton Anderson April 15, 2011

For sale mixed breed Black Labrador puppies from duck retriever that walks on water.

Lost car keys at the Royal Tattoo in Edinburg Scotland uploaded March 12, 2011

Facebook Whitlow poolside fish fry and reunion April 16, 2011 RSVP

Simple Life Then Internet EBAY and Facebook February 26, 2010

This is a Song my Mother Johnnie Claire White Whitlow used to sing to me over and over again most of my life. Lovers Who Lie

Valentine for Angie 2011


Worlds fastest 57 Chevy Truck

Do you remember life before ATM, GPS and Google Maps?

A tribute to a good hunting friend Sgt Warren Broussard, Baton Rouge motor cycle police officer killed while investigating burglary at his grandparents house. 

Ahhhhhwooooooooooooo Who's that I see walking in these woods.  Hey there Li,l Red Riding Hood video

Li'l Red Riding Hood lyrics

Look up in the sky. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Supersquirrel- The most fantastic crime fighter the world has ever known.

Gerald Johnson and Boots the Truck Hunting Squirrel Dog West Monroe Louisiana Ouachita Parish Squirrel Hunting Guide

My Buddy Grizz Pete Williams Dog, submitted by customer and friend

Outdoors with TK and Mike:

Drop everthing and hunt deer musical

Black powder gun mistake

Turkey hunting archery

Redneck 911 call- hunting

Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris New York Yankees Home Run Derby 1961

Recovery of Congresswoman Giffords- Do you believe in Miracles? Miracle testimony of my second wife Marie.

Boudreaux Joke- Diesel Fitter

Strange thinks can happen with Possums at Smoke School

Herbert Otwell for Police Chief Monroe Louisiana

Uncle Earl Dec 29, 2010

Just a few days before Christmas 2010 we learn this tragic tragic breaking news story from UP North

The amazing ironic story of Bambi in the back yard Dec 17 2010

Finally got a deer Sunday December 5 @ 4PM

Alien captured on my deer stand camera near Crossett Arkansas

Christmas 2010, deer hunting, student of the year

Christmas 2009 is over, Duck and Deer Hunting

Boudreaux and the 12 Days of Christmas

Christmas Time Is Coming Dec 7, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008- Charity Starts at Home

Merry Christmas from Whitlow 2007

Puppies for Christmas

Have you been dreaming of a White Christmas?- Merry Christmas 2004

Christmas 2009 is over, Duck and Deer Hunting



Deer lease available in East Texas. This is a free opportunity to hunt the thurdy point buck.

Need friendly personal advice? Ask the Fruitcake Lady.

Are Cajuns Smart- Larry The Cable Guy

And now another exciting episode of the most fantastic crime fighter the world has ever known, Chickenman. He's everywhere, he's everywhere.

Chickenman Costume radio episode sound wav

Chickenman Brown Shoes radio episode sound wav

Chickenman episodes on Amazon

Whitlow Family Reunion near Decatur Alabama

Links to environmental and industrial hygiene consulting companies who come to Whitlow Enterprises Smoke Schools

The History of Louisiana Smoke School and Whitlow Smoke School nation


You know you are in Louisiana when--- Louisiana Cartoons about our food, sports, and culture

Sent by a Cop. Take a Minute to Read As It May Save Your Life

The fastest 57 Chevy in the world

Vacation in Branson Missouri August 2010

The potato play little league baseball Bad News Bears

Waltzing across Texas Willie Nelson Back Yard Picnic Austin Texas July 4, 2010

Proverbs 30:18 and the Rock Badger- Contributed by Robert  Counselman of Campbell's Soup

Louisiana Legend Honey Island Swamp Monster

Pearl River Swamp People

Independence day July 4, 2010

BP and Obama bans Boudreaux and other Cajuns from helping with cleanup of Gulf Oil Spill

Blonde Jokes

The Water Well Inspection for President Lyndon Johnson

Gulf Shores Alabama Vacation Memorial Day Weekend 2010

The Day I met Walter Cronkite and Ronald Reagan a remarkable story about my hippie days when I had Hair, long beautiful hair.     May 13, 2010

But first- Extra Extra Read all about it. The New Orleans Satins Win Read the rest of the story about the Season of Destiny, a story, the Gospel According to Uncle Buck.


What it was, Was  Football by Andy Griffith Sound wav

What it was, Was  Football by Andy Griffith video

Attention all Wildlife lovers- you will love this video from Maine department of wildlife and fisheries. CLICK HERE TO OPEN THE VIDEO. wHEN PROMPED CLICK OPEN OR SAVE. tHEN BE PATIENT IT IS A LARGE FILE.

Claude Washer Caldwell Parish Louisiana/ Prize Pig Roast

Every World War 2 veteran gave something, some gave it all. Letters home from my Uncle Artie JR Whitlow- whom never made it home to meet me

Floyd Slim Hodges High Sherriff 31 years in Caldwell Parish Louisiana/ The man who could not read or write.

Shoot this Thing!!  Woah! Shoot this Thing!!! Hep!

Jerry Clower Stories

Willie Nelson verses Ray Charles- Chess Game

Christmas 2009 is over, Duck and Deer Hunting

Don't Worry Be Happy- Redneck Men Can fix it is it is broke.

Global Warming Climate Change or Earth Cycle - Is there any way to stop it?

See a video of a cat fighting a bear


What do you think is at the center of the Bible?

Why did the chicken cross the road? To teach the deer how to do it. Suicidal Deer. a Cajun Life Story


How to control head lice

Will the real George Whitlow please stand up. I conducted a search for George Whitlow on the internet and found my daddy, and his Marine Corp World War 2 record. Daddy's Monroe Police Crusader Car- I remember this from back when I was a young Buck. I found the story that I wrote about Daddy's life. Then I found the story that I wrote about me and Angie's wedding.

I also found this Lexus Nexux guy in Richmond Virginia. Search for the real George Whitlow.

Larry the Real Cable Guy and the Elephant Legs- August 16, 2009

Dothan Island l00% Opacity Loping Plume- The US Coast Guard Fire

The Dew Drop Inn

The Circle of Money- the humorous East Texas story depicting the American Economy

Boudreaux and the 12 Days of Christmas

On the road again to home Napoleonville Ohio- a photographic tour of America the Beautiful and Canada. Contributed by Robert Conselman of Campbell's Soup.


The Bottle of Wine

Imagine by John Lennon- Words and music by John Lennon set to photographs-this will bring tears

And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda by Eric Bogle - A war protest story for all ages set to photographs

Hi -how are you? Oh I’m doing fine. Let’s go fishing.

The court case and why I think it is important to simplify the opacity certification test.

Why babies have mothers video warning turn your speakers down

The Abandoned Baby in the Park

The Irishman and the blonde.

Friday Night Surprise The EPA is Waiting- Contributed by Robert Conselman

It is as easy as falling off a Horse


Bailouts, layoffs, the great depression of 2009, Politics according to Whitlow

Happy New Year 2009 Obama Joke

The Whitlow family Happy New Year 2009

When you try to cover your ass, it always comes back and gets you. Favorite Jokes contributed by Robert Conselman of Campbell's Soup

Robert Counselman's home page

The Day I met Ronnie Milsap

Christmas Time Is Coming Dec 7, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving 2008 in spite of plant closures and layoffs- we will make it.

Home Safety- How to put out a very common kitchen fire

Merry Christmas 2008- Charity Starts at Home

The Cat the Horse and the 57 Chevy- Stuffing Maggie the Cat and the new Amish Horse Nov 15, 2008

The Life and Times of Roddy White, Logger, Hunter from Clarks Louisiana in Caldwell Parish- The story of Papaw White, My grandfather.

Larry the Cable Guy Yard Man- November 7, 2008

We may be headed for another great depression. Vote Election 2008.

This story is about LSU Baseball, the College World Series, lazy days of summer, problems with the swimming pool, fishing, and Uncle George going to jail. There is a link below where you can make donations for Jerry’s kids. Click here to read it.

Hurricane Gustav and Fishing on the Yucatan

Annie- the bionic 6 million dollar duck dog


Friday Night Fights, Family, and Deer Camps


Fire ants, thunderstorms and grass at the bottom of the hill


Fishing if for fun and relaxation. We are going fishing even if it kills us.

Crossett Arkansas Ghost Light March 28, 2008 from George Artie Whitlow (age 59). Are they ghosts from the past or little green men in flying saucers?


Brain Cancer Healing and the Mercy of God

I yam what I yam - Little League Baseball influences- The Pool Hall Culture-Family and Fishing- The basic training of life


Attitude Adjustment Bolo Paddles Fan Belts, and Harley Davidson/ 911, The Early Days of Smoke School, and refer a friend

Click here to go bear hunting with a switch


Oprah Winfrey Cancer Alley Oil Field Patch Sludge and Class Action Lawsuits- A touch of Louisiana Politics as usual

A plant manager's worst nightmare. Sir, we have army tanks at the front gate.

Ralph Nader C-5 Cargo Planes Noise House Trailers and Plane Crashes

Can I download the music that is on the smoke school web site?

Fishing is For Fun and Relaxation- Letz go fishing, even if it kills us. Chapter 8 of my Novel Blue Bayou Days

I caught a very big fish- a 300 pounder- Me- I caught myself on the finger

Sometimes I worry about dying

California, Sequoias, Bear and Mule Deer

My heroes ain't always been cowboys. A tribute to a life long friend. Duke Andrepont- giver, founder of Opelousas Daily World, and inventor of Offset Press. 

Boudreaux and Thibodaux Jokes, Amish Jokes, other jokes from our customers  and friends

Merry Christmas from Whitlow 2007

A tribute to my daddy, George Wesley Whitlow- the person who molded me. Written by my Uncle Maurice Whitlow for Minden Louisiana Memories. This is a historic look with photographs through North Louisiana History.

Alligators Possums and Road Kill

Angie and Uncle George honeymoon in NEW YORK CITY!!!

LSU Football image/ LSU Tigers Verses South Carolina Game Cocks- Geaux Tigers

Our Romantic Wedding in New Oleans French Quarter- Angela and George are married

The stress of ever day taxes 2007

My personal concerns about justice and the convictions of innocent people for murder

The Shed- By the Power Invested in me by The King of Indiana, I ORDER YOU TO MOVE THIS SHED 20 FEET

My Daddy- The Life and Times of George Wesley Whitlow This story includes pictures of daddy with his now antique Harley Davison and His 53 Oldsmobile Safety Crusader Car.

Margeaux, the dummy mannequin from Thibodaux, my bestest friend

Smoke school weather. My memories of my childhood. The deer hunting camp. Campfires, Uncle Hip. The reason I conduct smoke schools. Turn your speaker up loud. It might rain.

Parts falling off the smoke machine, the throne, God's Mercy, and a plea for your help in replacing books destroyed by Hurricane Katrina

Reading opacity in high winds can be difficult. using an outhouse in high winds can be hazardous to your health. If you don't believe it, then just ask me, Uncle George

My cancer is back March 12, 2006 A story from the heart of Uncle George

I have a pet peeve. Keep life simple. Keep smoke school simple.

Hurricane Katrina my opinion a plea for help

The story of the chicken shooter cannon

The Waffle House Baby and the World Famous Man

LSU Research: Alligators are Dangerous no matter how drunk you are Who would a thunk it? Hit your back button to come back to this page

I am sad to say my Momma passed away. This is her obituary I wrote in her last hours. I read this to her and she liked it

Live action video and audio of all LSU Sports The Geaux Zone

Jeanie, My Favorite Cousin of All

How to have a Crawfish cook out/ hit your back button after you read this

Heather Lois Whitlow age 13- poetry

Friends By: Heather Lois Whitlow

Puppies for Christmas

Heather and Daddy go to Florida

Have you been dreaming of a White Christmas?- Merry Christmas 2004

Photo Album from Whitlow Enterprises EPA Smoke Schools. These are records of memories as the Whitlow Bunch travels across this great Nation USA in pursuit of friendship, truth, and fun. An educational experience for all who come here. The photos are listed by the states we travel. Check here often, you may find your picture here. We add photos often.

Click here to go bear hunting with a switch

Click here >> Obten Windows Media Player Aqui. to hear the song Thurdy Point Buck

This is the story of the night we got lost fishing on Lake Bistineau

Road kill , thurdy point buck Chetek Wisconsin Smoke School Story and photo album

The Great Wall

The 12-foot Alligator at Smoke School

Deer hunting in Louisiana can be dangerous to your health. If you don't believe it just ask John Wagoner of Columbia, Louisiana. Come pass a good time at this site. But first promise not to laugh at this

Christmas 2003,  Heather learns the truth about Santa Clause  and the Amish Horse hunting expedition

Space Shuttle Fallout, a humorous East Texas moment in a tragic event

Forty Below-the first Whitlow Milwaukee, Wisconsin Smoke School

Forty days and Forty Nights of Rain, the Monroe, Louisiana Smoke School February 2004

Marijuana Smoking School story, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and West Monroe, Louisiana

The Midnight Cowboy Stories from 1998 to 2001.

Can it be that man can disappear
From life and live another time
And does the mystery deepen 'cause you think
That you yourself lived in that other time.

Once I was an outlaw, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and autobiography of my outlaw years in the old west for outlaw rednecks

And the band played Waltzing Matilda

Don Binkley, Tiffany's Uncle shot and killed in hunting accident in Union Parish Louisiana near Farmerville.

Heather makes honor roll

tips from a middle age parent about raising your kids

more of heather's pics

I am looking for a place to deer hunt

Have you seen my daughter? people search for Erin Whitlow

Grandville and Faye Evans Wedding

Peaches Beaux, the girl next door

tomato stakes and bean poles for sale

my introduction

Horticulture Tips for especially for you


Scenic Louisiana, Lake Bistineau State park

Louisiana Links

Baton Rouge Links

Lost with bob dylan on highway 61, a photo filled senic view of natchez,mississippi, saint francisville, dog wood trees, historic homes adventure, also lyrics to highway 61 revisited

plantation   houses and wildlife photos

lovely garden photos

World War 2 letters, My Uncles Story from his own pen

The murder of a small girl child and the death penalty

Take a bite out of crime, take the crime out of drugs, legalize drugs

The Baton Rouge Martin Luther King Day Murder. The trial game of Brandon Johnson. Where is American justice

Another innocent man bites the dust, the Kawatta Bosby Murder Trials

Gone with the wind

Tom Hanks

John Wayne

Take the ribbons from your hair, jerry lee lewis or Kris Kristofferson

 The day I met Ronnie Milsap

Born On A Bayou Lyrics by CCR

Born on a Bayou midi

Chain of Love by Clay Walker, lyrics

Live coverage of LSU Sports

Imagine by John Lennon Lyrics, midi

COWBOYS IN CYBERSPACE - July 2000 a collection of links and interviews with country music stars.

 Click and Clack, Car Talk, Learn about problems with your car and die laughing 

My Ding-A-Ling by Little Richard, Rock and Roll Lyrics

Sara, Lyrics by Bob Dylan

Hank Williams Jr, Honky Tonkin Lyrics

Hank Williams Jr, Women I never had Lyrics

Hank Williams sound files wav, midi

Hank Williams, Singing Wearing out your walking shoes wav

 The Walton and Johnson Comic Radio Show, Baton Rouge and New Orleans

Put some variety in your life. Getting tired of listening to your same old CDs while you are on the Internet. Ever wonder what it was like to listen to old fashioned radio and not have a television. Be informed, let your heart be warmed. Listen to OLE fashioned storytellers. Check out National Public Radio.

National Public Radio, home page

NPR Programs on line

A Prairie Home Companion, Ole Fashioned Storyteller, Garrison Keillor

Click and Clack, Car Talk, Learn about problems with your car and die laughing

My Ding-A-Ling by Little Richard, Rock and Roll Lyrics

aliens, spaceships and dogs at redwood creek farm


Two Brothers went to war. One came home. And one never saw home again. The story of my Uncle, Artie JR Whitlow- A soldiers letters to his Momma.

Whatever happened to old fashioned friendship and common courtesy?


Lets go Pilgrim,

we are burning up daylight.                            



Uncle G Artie Whitlow
My Novel A Smoke School Prize worth keeping. 


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