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The Stress of Ever day Taxes 2007

Yet another story from the Kitchen Table at Whitlow Enterprises Smoke School

Knock Knock

Whose there?


Ester who?

Ester Bunny


Knock Knock

Whose there?


Annatta who?

Anatta Ester Bunny


Knock Knock

Whose there?


Yetta who?

Yetta Anatta Ester Bunny


Knock Knock

Whose there?


Adolph who?

Adolph ball hit me in the head, dats why I talk like dis

Many years ago when Catherine and I lived in Baton Rouge, we had a neighbor who ran a daycare business. Many days when I pulled into the driveway, the children playing outside the daycare would run to greet me when I came home from work. One day this little Blonde buzz cut 5-year-old boy came running up to me and gave me a high 5. I said "Hi there little guy, what is your name?"  He struggled and said "T--W---I --T." I thought what a horrible name for a child, Twit. what name book was his parents reading- Twit. I said, "That is a fine name Twit, I am pleased to meet you." The neighbor ran up apologetically and said, "His name is Trent, he has a speech defect."



Knock Knock

Whose there?


Hawse who?

You need some distemper shots.


Ok I got one for you

Say knock knock---

Greetings form Uncle George and the gang of smoke school peoples. Sometimes I forget that I am retired. This life of leisure can be deceptive. I did one of my favorite things this morning. Went out on the front porch, sat in the swing, listening to the birds sing and watching the morning come in over the soybean field and the grave yard. Yesterday Angie and I watched the sunset from the swing, looking at God's artwork and trying to guess what cartoon characters he created. I try and step back from reality now and again. Sometimes the news ain't all that good. I got a letter from the IRS yesterday saying I owe $18000 in taxes. Must be some sort of mistake. Records show we paid $50,000 in already. Who would a thunk it? Back when I was a corporal working for Louisiana DEQ I never thought about making $50,000 per year- more like $25,000. Now I have a question for you. If I pay over $50,000 in taxes, then why ain't I rich? I think I am paying way too much taxes. We really need an expert accountant with Quick Books Experience and experience in loop holes when we move to West Monroe, Louisiana in July. If you know anyone let me know. Right now, I am about ready to pay them based on whatever they can save me from the IRS.

Not all news is bad. My daddy was the president of the optimist club in Monroe for many years. Some of my daddy's good qualities did rub off on me. I try to be optimistic what ever that means.  I have that mustard seed faith in the Good Lord, although I am far from perfect by a long shot. I have faith in you. I know if we continue to provide you with good service and a smile or a laugh or 2, that you will be back again and again for just a little bit more. I am so grateful to all of you for giving me such a rich and full life. You will never know exactly what that means to me.

Angie and I have been packing. First I packed and then hauled off boxes of stuff in the basement of the house on Walnut Street. The stuff was still in the boxes from when we moved here 5 years ago. I guess I did not need it and had Jimmy haul it to his mother's St Vincent DePaul Store in Loogootee Indiana. If you wear size XXL then you should give it a shot. Sometimes living on the road Wal-Mart is cheaper and a lot easier than Laundromats.

Then we packed up Angie's place over in Vincennes Indiana. She has a 10-year-old son Aaron. He had so many toys and Intendo, that I just sat most of them out by the curve. They were all gone in about 15 minutes. Some men's junk is another man's treasure, that is what my momma always used to say. I think I told you before that my parents owned a second hand junk and antique store. We buy junk and sell antiques. The house and the store always looked like Fred Sanford lived there. Never seen so many hubcaps in one place ever.

We took some time out last week to go to the boat. Another of my momma's favorite places. I won a thousand bucks on Wheel of Fortune the dollar machine. That was at the Evansville casino. They got this in-box at the welcome center just before you get on the boat. The box has a paper in there that tells you which machines are paying off the mostest. I won on the second dollar machine listed on the paper. Ain't never seen that paper in any other casino.

The next day we spent the night at the casino hotel in French lick. That old hotel sure reminds me of the Majestic hotel in Hot Springs Arkansas. I guess both towns have a lot in common. Al Capone Scar face used to attend both towns regularly to relax in the natural spring water hot baths. I won another 500 in that casino in French Lick. In between all of that, Angie, Aaron, and I made it to the Cardinals game in St Louis.  I enjoyed the game but it sure reminded me of Stan the Man, Dizzy Dean, Pee Wee, and Mickey and Roger Maris. I had such a rich and wonderful childhood. Listening to Harry Carry and the Cardinals, and watching Dizz and Pee Wee broadcast the Game of the Week with the Yankees. I always wanted to be a pitcher for the Yanks like Whitey Ford. You can read about his dream in my novel Blue Bayou Days- The Summer of 61/ a novel by Uncle George.

I can look at my past and see the path that leads me here at this computer sitting at he kitchen table of this old rickety farm house drinking coffee and talking to you. Talking to my old friends- this is a good life after all. In spite of all the things that I am and that I have lived though, I am just a good ole boy after all.

Well here is the schedule below, sign up now, keep that registration flowing. I need to pay my taxes.

smoke school stories and family stories

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smoke school stories and family stories

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