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Happy Thanksgiving 2008


I wish you all happy Thanksgiving greetings from Angie, Uncle George and all of the rest of Whitlow Enterprises Smoke School. Many of us donít have much to be thankful for this year, but we have to keep our eyeball out looking for the silver lining- it is up there somewhere. I am referring to the awful taste of the economy, the layoffs, and plant closures.

 Thanks to the good Lord and each one of you, we are having a nice Thanksgiving. We had 2 turkey dinners with too many trimmings. Here it is 6 AM in the morning and I am still too stuffed to sit here in this chair and type. We had our office party and Thanksgiving turkey Wednesday. Tracy and Wendy did most of the cooking. Angie threw in some home made chicken and noodles, and a peach and a pumpkin pie.

 We had Thanksgiving Thursday with Larry the yard cable guys family during their family reunion. Larry is as good as gold. His family came in from Tennessee, Birmingham, and California. They had about everything you can imagine from traditional Thanksgiving meal and one thing that I have never tried, chitlins. I spotted them steaming in a very large high pot on the stove next to the turkey. I thought they were string beans that were overcooked bleaching out the green. I managed to find a place on the plate next to the little scoops of ever other item. I sat down and took a few bites along with the turnip greens that were lovely. I thought the string beans just did not taste exactly right and was wondering how they seasoned them. About then someone asked my how I liked the chitlins. The thought of eating pig guts just had not occurred to me. I politely removed them from my plate onto a separate paper plate next to mine.

 I guess we went hog wild on horses. In addition to Katie we ended up buying five other horses, some for as little as $60. We got a full grown Arabian horse and my favorite breed, A Tennessee Walker. Ainít no horse like a Tennessee Stud. We also got 3 colts. I gave Larry one of the female colts. Right now all of the horses are at Larryís until we can get the fence built.

 A lot of us donít have a lot to be thankful for and my heart goes out to you. I read in the paper where at least 3 more local plants are either shutting the doors for good or having lay offs until after the holidays. International Paper in Bastrop is closing down. The entire town of Bastrop is built around that paper mill. Actually since all of lumber and raw material supplies are produced locally, it will be an economic disaster for Morehouse Parish, as well as all of North Louisiana and southern Arkansas. This along with other plant closures and layoffs will affect our business since we have been training my good friend Stan Natherly and his International Paper employees since 1984 when I started. I will miss them all. I feel sorry for them and all of their families; this has to be a great shock. Well we all have to keep the faith like a mustard seed and keep looking for the silver lining up there somewhere.

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smoke school stories and family stories


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smoke school stories and family stories

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