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The Nation is in a Crises- You need to vote

 Presidential Election 2008

Another Smoke School story from the heart of Uncle George

Happy Birthday to me -60 years old election day- November 4, 2008. If I knowed I would have lasted this long, I would have taken better care of myself.

This months story from the heart of an old hippie who don't know what he's a doing:

November 4, 2008 is my  birthday and Election Day for the most important presidential election in recent American History. Your vote is very important, every single vote counts. If you do not vote, then you ainít got no right to complain- Thatís what my momma always used to say.

Don't just sit there- don't let it turn out like a box of chocolates

LIFE IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES get out of that chair and vote 

Search on www.google.com for registrar of voters in your state. Download and complete the forms need for registration and absentee voting- if needed. This is your obligated duty to God and your country.


I was named George Artie Whitlow after my Daddy- George, my grandfather-Artie, and my uncle- Artie JR. Daddy was a marine in the South Pacific. I lost a grandfather and an uncle during World War 2. Because of the war, I never met neither one of them. I feel like I was cheated out of some great memories. Angieís daddy, Joe was a medic in the Korean War and he has 2 purple hearts from being wounded while trying to relieve the suffering of his brothers. I have seen countless veterans with missing arms and legs. They all sacrificed the utmost for freedom and your right to vote.


I enlisted in the US Air Force in 1969 in the heart of the Vietnam War. The Good Lord and the powers that be saw fit for me to spend my war time in a relative safe environment in Sacramento California and Altus Oklahoma. To be quiet honest with you, I received my Draft Notice during Air Force Boot Camp. I had lost my college deferment. I had 2 years of college shot to hell. I flunked out because of pin ball wizard and girls. I sort of forgot to go to class and forgot to buy or read the books. I would rather spend my time and money on Jock Daniels and passing a good time. ďI wonít go huntin with you Jake, but I will go chasing women. So put dem dogs back in the pin and quit your silly grinning.Ē The Air Force gave me discipline and self discipline- well to a certain degree. I started college in 1966 and graduated in 1988, twenty years of night school to get a degree from the School of Hard Knocks. I am an old hippie and a product of the 60s, but I did not inhale.


Back several years ago when my momma was still living, she and I were sipping a five dollar cup of coffee in Barns and Nobile in Baton Rouge when I noticed former Governor Buddy Roemer sitting playing chess at a nearby table. I walked over and asked him to come meet my momma. Buddy walked over to our table and I said, "Momma, this is Governor Buddy Roemer".


Buddy said, "Hello I am Buddy Roemer."


Momma answered, "Who in the heck are you?"


I replied, "Momma, this is Governor Buddy Roemer."


Momma answered, "Who in the heck are you?"



"Buddy used to be the governor of the great sovereign state of Louisiana."




"Between Edwin Edwards and Edwin Edwards." 

Momma had that look of concern and said, "Well heck, I never heard of you."


Buddy grimaced and said, "Donít worry Mam- I get that all of the time."


I drank a sip of five dollar coffee and said, "Donít worry Buddy, momma met Willy Nelson and she asked him if he was the new logger from up around Shreveport."


In case you are like my momma and never turn on a television or a radio, or read the paper, I should tell you that the nation and the world are in turmoil. The stock market fell down around their ears. Gas may cost 8 bucks a gallon soon and bread may cost 4 bucks a loaf. Banks are closing; you may loose your retirement funds. You may not be able to use your credit cards. We may be headed to a dust bowl, the Grapes of Waft, and another massive great depression. People are getting laid off. Plants are closing.  To be honest, I think they need to bring back the CCC to rebuild the levees, clean up the trash, and rebuild the roads. We need more jobs, not more welfare. I send out these monthly emails every 30 days to about 2000 of you customers, friends, neighbors, and associates. After every single mail out I get about 30 emails returned to sender because of layoffs in your plants.


You can not blame these crises on any George W Bush, the Republican Party nor the Democrats. Blame it on greed. The Bible says the love of money is the root to all evil. Blame it on Wall Street, get rich now quick. Lord give me patience and give it to me now. This problem started decades ago and covered many Presidents from both parties.


In 2000 I needed to refinance my house in Baton Rouge so I could have some spending cash. I paid like $30,000 for the house in 1986. The appraiser asked me how much money I needed to borrow. I said I needed $90,000. I got the loan and a year later sold the house for $90,000. It was an old wood frame quickly built Baby Boomer house, that in my opinion was probably worth about $15,000.



In my opinion Presidents really have very limited power because of all of the checks and balances. You might as well pick out someone like me that looks good on television



that you can watch and enjoy during the afternoon news. That is why I liked Bill and Hillary Clinton and now I like Sarah Palin. For the fist time in 30 years, I may vote Republican, I donít know- not yet decided. I will be in Marion Ohio on Election Day and my birthday, so I am filling out the forms today for absentee voting.



You should try to learn what your candidateís history is on issues that you believe in- they may be able to influence the legislature in passing some of them. But what ever you do, go out and vote.

I have a simple solution to the nations economic crises. Just send me one dollar, Email all of your friends and ask them to send me one dollar. Just send me a dollar, that's all I am asking. Mail it to Uncle George Whitlow, 1305 Charles Griggs RD, West Monroe LA 71292. This would amount to a whole wheel barrel full of money. I would roll that wheel barrel right on up to the Big Apple Washington DC, where Forrest Gump had to pee. "I think he said he had to pee." I would flop that wheel barrel of filthy lucre down on the ground at Greenspan's feet and say,

"Hello my name is Johnny and it might be a sin

But I'll take that bet

You gonna regret

Cos I'm the best that's ever been"


I'll lay that money down and say here it is- Go pay off the national debt- keep the change. Give us hard working taxpayers a break.

I said that as a joke, but you can send me the money anyways. I have been wanting to go see Sarah Palin and go fishing or bear hunting with a switch in Alaska. I said it as a joke, knowing that I could not reach enough people to put a dent in the national debt. But McCain, O Bamma (Go Bamma), or Palin could. They can all think of a plan to raise money for their political campaign, but what about the nation. I think if some politician could set up a plan of action where each one of us mailed in one dollar, then that politician is so bright his daddy called him son. I think a person that intelligent should be President. I am going to run in 2112. Vote for Uncle George- win a free five dollar genuine autographed pocket knife or maybe   A BOX OF CHOCOLATES or


Devil just come on back

If you ever want to try again

I told you once you son of a beach

I'm the best that's ever been


If you enjoyed this story from the heart of an old hippie who donít know what heís doing- then read my other smoke school stories and family stories. Print them out and read them on the toilet- thatís where I wrote them. May God bless, be well, do good work, and stay in touch. smokeschool@yahoo.com

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