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A Romantic New Orleans Wedding for Uncle George and Angela Whitlow

Yet another smoke school story

Our Romantic New Orleans Wedding

 Comments by Uncle George:  

 Angie and I were married in the New Orleans French Quarter on August 11, 2007. You could not have asked for a more romantic setting. We could see the Steamboat Natchez below us and hear its jazz music and steam whistle below us on the sleepy Mississippi River. The fairytale looks of the St Charles Cathedral added romance for the occasion.

It was a very romantic, small and quiet wedding. Angie’s son Aaron and two of our employees Darius and Evan. After the brief ceremony we had steak and redfish at one of the French Quarter’s finest old romantic restaurants, Strolled hand and hand down Bourbon Street and had a few highballs and Hurricanes in the courtyard at Pat Obrien’s. We spent the night in a romantic hotel on Decatur Street. We intend to complete our honeymoon next month in New York City where we are going to take in a Yankee Game and see our favorite singers Neal Young, Willy Nelson, and my for real cousin Merle- Merle Haggard at Farm Aid.

 Angie and I met a year ago on Yahoo Personals. Our experience has been a series of romantic events that all started because I lied on my Yahoo add about my age (45 instead of 58) and I posted a 10 year old picture. We came a long way since our first romantic encounter consisting of Aaron, Heather, and 4 neighborhood kids on a day trip to Santa Clause Holiday World, a water world theme park in southern Indiana.

 Angie has been a real sport. She must really love me. She left her job of 30 years as a respiratory therapist, her daddy, cousins, nieces, nephews, and friends and the mild summers in Vincennes Indiana for our house out here in the woods in hot humid tropical hills of Northeast Louisiana.


Angie’s comments:

When George called to ask me for a date I was getting dressed to attend my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. It was to be their last celebration of marriage as my mother passed away two days after thanksgiving. The anniversary dinner was held on August 17. Their actual wedding date was August 18 and that is the date George and I met. I readily accepted George’s date. How could I not? My son had bugged me all summer to take him to Holiday World! Obviously, we all had a good time. I immediately fell in love with George’s unique personality. He makes me laugh and…….. he likes my laugh.

 I think George is right when he said I must love him or I would not have moved to Louisiana and left all family, friends, loved ones and all familiar things behind. We live 12 miles out in the middle of the woods and the nearest Wal Mart is at least 12 miles away…..and that is a long 12 miles! Wal Mart is about the only place I know how to get to. I have learned that you need to be more organized when you go to town as a trip to town and back typically takes about 3 hours if you do shopping.

Our wedding was very romantic and peaceful. It was  stress-free. It would have been nice having more people attend but it was not possible to get everyone together at the same time.

One of the fun things we did during our wedding trip to New Orleans was going out on an air boat swamp tour down a Louisiana bayou to see alligators. It was fun but a bit scary for me.  I have never seen so many alligators in my life! The guide said during the night trips you see a lot more activity. No thanks, day trips are fine for me. My son, Aaron, loved it. Our guide let him hold a baby alligator. He thought the alligator was cute and wanted to KISS it. Not me….ha ha

That’s all folks until next month

Later Gator,

Angie and George


A Romantic Kiss in front of St Charles Cathedral in the French Quarter New Orleans Louisiana. Angie and Uncle George Whitlow

Angela and Uncle George with Steamboat Natchez in the background


Our 11 year-old son Aaron watches on. He is leaning on a lamp post thinking like Run Forrest Run. Watch out for that train.


The Whitlow Crew, Evan, Uncle George, Angela, Aaron, and Darius

Darius flipping out over the wedding

Uncle George, Miss Angie, Aaron and Baby Gator Swamp Air Boat Tour


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