West Monroe Louisiana Smoke School presented by The Smoke Commander and Whitlow Enterprises Smoke School Nation. Smoke School with a touch of Louisiana down on the bayou flavor. Now we are cooking with peanut oil. This is smoke school at our House in the piney woods not that for from the Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty


Date: March 18, 2016  This school will be held come rain or shine. We have a shelter from the rain. K-Passé, Laissez les bons temps rouler, Let the good times roll. Bon appetite we are cooking lunch.  Agenda


Location: 1305 Charles Griggs, West Monroe, LA 71292 - The home of the Smoke Commander with the pink hogs in the front yard at 1305 Charles Griggs Road, 12 miles south of the paper mill in West Monroe Louisiana. Take LA Hwy 34 South from Paper mill in West Monroe, Go about 11 miles to large Valero station on right at Hwy 3033, just past the Valero turn left on Lapine Rd. Go 2 miles turn left on Charles Griggs, Go about 2 miles look for yellow Whitlow Smoke School sign at the end of the drive just before the pink pigs, use this driveway, park and walk over the hill. If you use GPS your lady will say you have arrived at your destination and you will be out in the middle of nowhere on a logging road. I thought someone stole my house. Enter 831 Charles Griggs Road, West Monroe LA on your GPS and if you get lucky you will see the pink hogs.


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Full time college students may attend for $25. Indicate that you are a student when you register.



Greetings and salutations, and the whole 9 yards. I am The Smoke Commander, a legend and an icon in my on mind. My buddies and fine team members from Whitlow Smoke School Nation here in West Monroe, Louisiana and Odon, Indiana would love to be your smoke school provider.



    HEY! I want you to come to smoke school and pass a good time with Whitlow Smoke School Nation

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know just what you are going to get. Not so with Whitlow Smoke School Nation. We are prepared just like the Boy Scouts. We do our homework just to be sure that everything is ready and waiting for you when you get there. Our smoke machine will be calibrated and well maintained to avoid any significant delays. You will have a roof over your head in case it starts raining. You will have a contrasting background so you can read opacity on cloudy days. We will have fresh made coffee, fresh doughnuts, ice cold water and soft drinks. We will cook you up a mouth watering lunch. Whitlow provides EPA Method 9 test sheets, practice sheets, critique sheets, Ringelmann smoke pocket charts, ink pens, rubber bands to keep you on the right test lines, and self registration forms for your next visit in 6 months. We will teach you the fundamentals of reading opacity and how to pass the EPA Method 9 certification test. We will set up the optimal conditions for taking the certification test. We will double check to make sure you maintain the correct observer position with contrasting background, sun position, and parallel wind direction. We make sure that you are at least 3 stack-heights back so you will have the correct vertical angle of 18 degrees or less. Remember that you always read the background, not the smoke. 25% opacity means that 25% of the background is obscured by the smoke. Read the background using an observation point that is the densest part of the plume. This would be the first 2 feet at the end of our smokestack where the plume is still approximately 12 inches in diameter.   We have a positive attitude and it is contagious. We bring prizes to add an element of competition to see who makes the best score. This is your game and you are a winner.


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The Duck Commander, The Smoke Commander, and the Buck Commander. 

I am not sure if you can see me because of the camo. My hat is a Duck Dynasty hat and it says "I speak Duckanese."  I was wearing this garb on the kids pirate ship in the Destin Florida Harbor where they filmed the movie JAWS while I was stationed there in the Air Force. The pirate in his buccaneers was trying to blow up a kids life preserver that was a duck. On his mike he said, "That dang Duckanese camo guy done shot my duck."